(Preview) In the MIdnight Forest (pre. Hunting the Immortal)

December 19, 2009
We run through the Midnight Forest hunting Nightmare "Rai I see him" I whisper to her as we chase him. "Ren should we split up or stay together?" I thought for a second but still couldn't deside "stay together he might have the others with him." I got pushed into a huge tree before I noticed that Cain had come after me and nightmare had Rai tied up. "Ren HE..." He knocked her out cold as I watched them drag her off "Rai Rai don't leave me not yet. Sis I love you...." i whispered and the world turned black. I woke up the next day the sun was peaking over the trees shining right in my eyes "RAI RAI where are you" I yelled as loud as I could. The forest answered with my faint call not even a wind blew the world felt still to me Rai was gone. My one and only sister my twin my beloved sister by everyone. "What did I do wrong this time Alki?" I set off my finder so he could come and find me I tried to stay awake but couldn't I fell asleep the ground was moist and it started raining. I awoke three hours later. The forest grew dark. "The immortals will be out soon they will kill me." I tried to stand but couldn't. I saw Alki running toward me and I fell in a deep sleep due to dehydration and lack of food we had been chasing after midnight for three days with no food or water. I woke up when we were at his house. I was on his couch. "Finally your awake!" I looked at him. "Rai no!" His bronze hair lay short and his bright green eyes happy and looking at me. He was wearing a black shirt and black jeans. "I know Nightmare took her. you ok only a broken leg and a few miner bruises and scratches." His smile made me feel happy to see him but I was still sad for losing my twin....to be continued

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Pensivegurl said...
Jan. 8, 2010 at 7:03 pm
huh. An interesting preview.
But I like it.
Ren_Miyazawa replied...
Jan. 8, 2010 at 7:19 pm
Thanks its random its not all the way finished book just started writing it its hard writing 3 books at once....
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