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Old Man Hitter's Forest

In the darkness scrambling around I heard the creature, I had only caught glimpses of it once or twice in the time period in which it began its chase, in the shadow of old man Hitter’s forest all I saw of it was its ice blue eyes which towered several feet above me, and it’s massive hulking shadow sulking in the background amidst some trees. As soon as our eyes locked, I knew my fate was decided. The trees that I had first seen him in (for I knew it was a he) were out by Mr. Hitter’s chicken coops, and I saw, even though I could not see his shape bloody fragments of a fowl’s carcass white feathers strewn about the ground, I knew from the moment we caught eyes that he wasn’t satisfied with chickens. I was next.

The forest around me was cold and because of thick canopies of the tall cedars no moonlight was granted access to the show, I was safe for a moment. I had long since stripped of my shoes, they would only hinder my running, and my jacket I didn’t need anything that could catch onto a tree limb. My breathing was heavy, I had just made a hard jump over a small crick and had come over leaving the air in my lungs on the other side, and my knees didn’t appreciate the gravel-like floor of the forest below either.

Blood was trickling down my knee caps and my lungs were running on empty, I stood up and continued my run farther, deeper and deeper into Old Man Hitter’s forest, farther and farther away from any help that I could ever hope to find.

Twigs and dry leaves snapped beneath my feet as a cold autumn wind brushed my cold body, chilling the blood covering my knees and the ice cold water my feet were covered in. I ran this way and that between hollow gaps in between trees. All the time I could hear the creature behind me. My breath came in rasps but I kept on going, I didn’t care about how far away from the beast I was, I just wanted to make sure there was a distance between us.

I paused for a second.

I took a deep breath, and examined my surroundings, however unable to find anything of remarkable importance about them, I closed my eyes. If I had paid more attention I would have taken a closer look at the claw marks across the tree trunks, or the hideous stains which I just assumed were discolorations in the bark. I didn’t pay attention and when I thought myself most safe-

There was breathing in the darkness. And they were not my own haggard breaths.
A tremendous and vivacious roar split the silence and my eyes shot open. I looked this way and that in a panicked frenzy and I saw the creature, and I took it in. It was about eight or nine feet tall with the build of a bear, standing straight up. Its icy eyes were firmly placed in sunken sockets about its wide open maw, it had razor sharp teeth the size of steak knives which were covered in a gelatinous crimson, at its sides its hulking arms hung down by its half-bent knees.
I knew what the creature was, the moon above was a full, and a harvest orange, it stood about five or six feet away from me, I breathed in and out scared, and that’s when the creature leapt forwards enraged and stretched out it’s long arms towards me, and at the last moment I dodged to the side, but I didn’t go fast enough, the claw struck my chest and ripped clean through it, tearing off my shirt and cutting through my skin staining the fabric with blood, and my skin with a curved cut that looked like a half moon.
I swore to myself, and while the werewolf was trying to get up I started running once again, blood trickles down my chest, warm droplets staining the ground and steaming in the cold air, my feet too are cold and covered in blood from nicks and scratches that I have acquired, I screamed, but that didn’t stop the creature from chasing after me.
I looked back only once, seeing the creature silhouetted against the darkness behind him, his body only a black outline on the harvest moon. He ran faster than I could ever have and so it took all of my energy just to get ahead of him, but he’s fast, and when I stumbled on a snarling root, he seizes his opportunity. He jumps forwards and grabs my shoulder with his claw and pulls tearing my arm from my socket and splattering the ground and my face with my own human juices. Horrified I rub the blood off of my face and start running again, my useless arm hanging limp at my side swinging uselessly back and forth in the wind, leaving me exposed and with a disadvantage.

The creature not satisfied with that little bit of my blood continues, having a taste is not simply enough. And I feel a surge of bitter memories. The creature’s arm isn’t destroyed like mine. He doesn’t have that handicap, and something in me wants me to stop and turn around, to fight the creature. I followed the sane portion of my brain and ran like hell, only stopping for a second.

I hear my breath in the darkness, and I’m running blindly, I know the creature behind me, I can hear it’s body running so fast in the shadows, no matter how much I try I can’t beat it. I’m so tired, and I wasn’t even supposed to be here tonight.

I slow down for a second and hack up some phlegm, so unbelievably tired, hardly able to express it. Surely I had some time before the beast was going to catch me. I thought wrong, a silent paw wrapped its claws around my leg, pulling with a swift motion and with a quick and decisive snap! My ankle snaps in his grasp and I start unashamedly screaming. Screaming and swearing over and over again. The pain in my leg hurts so much, and now blood is streaming everywhere, I’m tainted in a thick layer of the stuff.

The creature lifts me over its head, and lets my grimy hair hang close to its maw. Its breath smells like scrambled eggs, I felt nausea overwhelm me, the werewolf throws me against the ground and I feel my back give way with the collision. In a moment of weakness I throw my good arm up to defend myself, but the creature, its eyes filled with lust bat them aside with a snap and my left hand lays useless at my side, and no matter how much I might want to I can’t use it. I just lay there.

I close my eyes; I don’t want to see what happens next. Tears are streaming down my face, because I’m broken, my arms are useless, and I have only one good leg left. Blood drips on my face from the creature’s mouth and I know that it’s my own blood. I don’t want to know where it came from, I can’t feel anything anymore, and my entire body is numb from the loss of blood and the cold. The last thing I feel before everything goes black is the creature’s claws piercing my shoulders and the warmth of a large pair of jaws wrapping around my throat.

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~~AJ~~ said...
Jul. 19, 2010 at 6:26 pm
okay so THAT was creepy. for someone who doesn't like writing horror your pretty good at it
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