The Unexpected

September 2, 2009
By Nicola Parfoot BRONZE, Bognor Regis, Other
Nicola Parfoot BRONZE, Bognor Regis, Other
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I had to run, I had to get away, and I had to do it NOW! But my legs! I couldn’t move an inch; all I could do was slide down the wall behind me and allow the tears to stream down my now pale face.
I stared up at the demonic creature in complete fear as it towered above me, approaching me with slow but long strides, each step making me tremble with silent panic.
The sudden erg to scream was pressuring in my throat, I opened my colour-drained lips but no scream came out, just a whimper as my bottom lip quivered.
I lifted my arms to cover my face, pitifully trying to somehow protect myself from this creature, I tucked my knees tightly to my chest and closed my eyes tight, my tears still running
I braced myself, ready for the demons long sharp blade to strike me-
But nothing did.
Instead through the black of my closed green eyes I saw something bright shine.
The sound of blades colliding was deafening, I could hear the strength and power put into each blow.
I opened my eyes but it was no use. One character was surrounded by black darkness and the other a bright white, I squinted my eyes, but caught no sight of either of them.
The smell of bleeding wounds was now strong in the air, making me feel queasy. I was also feeling light headed from all the dancing of light, for a moment I thought I was going to be sick, but I hadn’t the food to bring up.
The figures where bouncing off the walls, still sticking at one another, my eyes had only adjusted as much so I could only make out the outline of each figure and the glinting of the blood stained silver blades.
I managed to make out the dark character drop to its knees and the white yield up its blade for one final, powerful blow.
The white figure swung and I buried my face in my arms, not wanting to see the next action, even if the demonic creature had tried to kill me.
The next thing I know I felt a warm hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see a handsome face with bright turquoise eyes staring worriedly into mine, he looked about my age, 17.
Stunned by the sudden warmth I flinched away, hitting the back of my head on the stone wall behind me. Grabbing the now tender spot I whimpered and sighed at my own stupid behaviour , the boy chuckled softly and kissed the top of my head with both hands on my cheeks moving my long hair out of my face, cheeks that had returned to normal but where now burning red and flustered, resulting in another chuckle from the boy.
He then picked me up, one arm supporting my back, the other hooked under my legs. The next thing I know we where up in the air, soaring through the clouds. I looked behind the boy and there they where-
Big beautiful white wings…

I sat up from my bed and groaned, chucking my alarm clock at the wall I thought back on my dream.
“Whoa…That was unexpected…” I grinned.
I swung my legs over the bed side and realised I had been sweating during the night, the now cold moistures stench was so overwhelming that the first thing I did before school was take a long, steamy shower.

Later on during the school week a new kid had joined our class, but he just so happened to be the sticking image of the boy in my dream, coincidence? Or not?, I don’t know.
I must have been out of my mind, but one day I followed him home. I don’t know what possessed me to do such a thing, but I just did.
Just as he turned a corner out of sight I hurried over, I poked my head around to see if he was still striding along gracefully as he always did, but he wasn’t there. Slightly panicking I looked around but all of a sudden a pair of warm hands reached from behind me to cover my eyes, naturally I screamed but the hands receded but wrapped themselves around my thin waist tightly, but not enough to hurt.
Amazingly the feel of the hard concrete surface had vanished from under my feet and replaced with the chill of the wind. Daring myself to look, I twisted my head round to check. And my suspicion was true, there he was, with his wings gracefully stretched out and riding the winds.
The boy had landed us on the highest roof top. I was looking around, dazed when he told me to get down, I turned to him, confused but he stood there with his wings curled around me protectively, it was then when I saw it, or should I say him. The demon from my dream, speeding towards us, blade ready to strike. The boy told me to get down again so I crouched low behind him. Suddenly a massive explosion of black and white light appeared. And that was the last thing I saw.

The author's comments:
What inspired me, was that i have always daydreamed of flying, but i had a dream very simular to my story, and just decided to write it Lol.
well i hope you enjoy

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