The Scarlet Letter

June 11, 2009
By Samantha Schaumberg SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Samantha Schaumberg SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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To My Dear Wife,

Although you betrayed greatly when I was captured and away for over a year, I must say it was not completely in your folly. You were young and beautiful those seven years ago, as you were today when I saw in the marketplace. It was no wonder than a charming young Devil like Dimmesdale would have swept you off your nimble toes. When I was finally able to justify his evil persona after years of living with him and slowly torturing the truth out of him, I felt justified and ecstatic. My hatred of him consumed me, so much so that my belief of him as the Human Devil was eventually replaced by my belief of to myself as the Human Devil. Seeing him die on the scaffold today, realization struck me; I had long ago made revenge my life's purpose and now my life's purpose is gone. The will for me to go on has shriveled and disappeared. With that said, I now have an urgent need to leave my worldly possessions in the hands of a worthy person. You appeared, at first glance, to be this person. But remembering your facial expression as you saw your one true love die today reminded me that the existence of Dimmesdale, not including your darling Pearl, was something that we had in common; he was the life's purpose for both of our souls. Now, with him gone, I do not expect either of us to have much need for money and possessions. And so, I conclude this letter with the fact that I have decided that your beloved Pearl is to be the only heiress of my fortune and my estates in the Old World. I have no doubt that it would be beneficial for you ladies to turn over a new leaf outside of this simple town. Pearl will grow to be a great beauty and one who accomplishes great and mischievous feats. I wish both of you remarkable ladies the best of luck with the continuation of your lives.
Roger Chillingworth

My Most Invaluable Pearl,

When you read this note, you shall no doubt be riding in your carriage alongside the glorious pond where we had our first of many encounters. I have spoken with your driver requesting that you be directed towards this route so as it may remind you of our delightful first meeting. Walking through the park with my parents was never an interesting part of my day. But on that wistful summer afternoon when we were taking our afternoon family stroll, I had heard the most amiable shriek. My gaze was immediately directed towards you and your Mother frolicking on the narrow beach along the shores of that fateful pond. I had begged my mother insistently until she finally agreed to direct us over to you ladies so that we may be introduced. I was quite excited to hear that I, at age 18, was a mere three years your senior. Since then, your exuberant ways of being an individual in the sea of England's black umbrellas has enchanted me. You have occupied every minute of every hour of my mind. You have been the most significant part of my life for nearly six years and I am now sure to the fullest extent that you are the woman I wish to spend the rest of my existence with. I now wait for your response. Please give me the greatest pleasure imaginable by accepting my hand in marriage. If you look to your right at this moment, you shall see my expectant face awaiting your dedication.
Yours Always,
Samuel Key

Dearest Mother,

Oh Dear Mother, how I long to see you again! Although you have been gone for but two months, it feels as though I have been without your presence for two lifetimes. Sadly, I can only afford the time to send you a brief note. But it is a note of great joy and delight; I am to have a child! I wish for you to take the enclosed money so to join me in the birth of your grandchild. While I understand you were quite dedicated in your decision to return to the New World, and I sincerely doubt that you, in your soon old age, would be willing to make the voyage yet again, I felt it was only appropriate for you to be included in my joy. Take care Mother, and be sure to keep my child, Darling Samuel, and me in your thoughts and prayers.
Your Loving Daughter,

The author's comments:
My continuation of The Scarlet Letter written through letters

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