June 1, 2009
By Cornelius Mootoo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Cornelius Mootoo BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I turned the television on this morning and put it on the news channel. I saw the headline at the bottom of the television; it said, “Dictator terrorizes country and endangers lives of citizens.” I automatically thought to myself, “Here’s just another guy with anger issues and has to find the need to unleash any repressed feelings upon innocent people through guns and chaos.” But when I starting watching the report, I soon came to realize that it was not a man performing all of these catastrophic occurrences, it was a woman. I thought something was very wrong with this picture; “There’s never been a female dictator before, what’s going on? Why did not I know about this? Have I been away? Sleeping?” All of these thoughts were racing in my mind as the speed of light as I tried to search for reason.

In my confusion, I yelled out for my parents, but was given no response. Something was not right, something was very wrong. I searched the whole house and could not find them. The next thing I knew, I heard loud footsteps racing up the stairs to my door. I stood there, motionless, trying not to make a sound as my heart began to race faster. Suddenly, the door was violently kicked in and three individuals, dressed in all black with eyes that peered through my body, charged after me. I ran as fast as I possibly could to get away from them. I found a chair nearby, picked it up, and threw it as hard as I could at them, but still, they came after me. In a desperate attempt, I tried to fight back, but three against one are not great odds. I punched one of them in the chest as hard as I possibly could, but before I knew it, something very hard hit me in the back of the head and I was out like a light.

“Where am I?” I could hear my voice echo as I said this.

“Keep your voice down, there are children trying to sleep,” said an old man next to me. He was very haggard and had on a very raggedy outfit.

I found myself chained to a rusty bar in a small, compact cage. As I looked all around me, I simply could not believe me eyes. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of cages filled with men and young boys. We were all placed in some sort of warehouse, judging from the size of the room. The dry air caused my nose to bleed profusely as well as causing me to cough very violently.

The same three individuals who came to my house appeared in front of my cage. They unlocked it using a key from the giant key bunch, and removed me from the cage. Dragging me out, I struggled to break free, but my efforts proved to be futile. Becoming very aggravated with my stubbornness, one of the individuals kicked me straight in the face; I couldn’t stop my nose and lip from bleeding. Before I knew it, I was placed onto a large platform outside in the broad daylight. There she was, the dictator. The three individuals revealed themselves and yet again, I was in shock. The individuals were all female. In a pure state of shock, I began stammering and when I looked all around me, the real mystery began to unfold. Men and young boys as far as the eye can see were in cages, in servitude. The women were in charge, this was not right.

The dictator took a red hot poker from a container filled with burning rocks. As she drove it into my neck, I screamed in excruciating pain as she drove it deeper. The symbol was of a circle with a slash through. I will forever be branded with this mark.

All day and night, we were put to work with women holding guns and keeping charge over us. I do not know how long this will last, or if I will ever be free. I hope someone is out there and can save us, before it is too late.

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