How the Jack-o-lantern Got Its Face

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

One chilling night, in the middle of a cemetery that was so scary it made a vampire look like a cat, a small pumpkin sat. His name was Jim the Jack-O’-Lantern. He yearned for one thing and one thing only; to have the ability to show emotion, and be unique from everyone else. Jim was terribly upset that all of his non-pumpkin friends had this ability that he wanted so terribly. He wanted to be just like all the vampires, ghosts and goblins in his class.

His desire for a face first came upon him when he moved from Pumpkin Valley to Ghoulville. Back in Pumpkin Valley, Jim was just like every one else in the town: faceless. He did not know that there was any other way of life. Once he moved to Ghoulville, Jim was often made fun of for his lack of a face. He fit in to Ghoulville just as much as a cow did in a field of sheep. His classmates’ insults made him think he was a bird without wings. Jim wanted to be just like every other being in the town. He wanted to fit in, and he wanted to not be made fun of.

One day, Jim consulted the mayor of Ghoulville, Mayor Spookton. Mayor Spookton was as wise as an owl, so Jim knew that surely he would have an answer to his problem. Mayor Spookton told him that if he traveled to the top of Stranglehold Mountain, he would find the Shrine of St. Stranglehold, and he could be granted one wish. Stranglehold Mountain was a puzzle with no end, so Jim knew that he would face many challenges along the way. Mayor Spookton bid Jim good luck, and Jim started his journey.



“Clop, clop, clop” Jim heard a strange sound coming from the North. He knew that he was coming to his first challenge. Suddenly, a dark figure loomed on the horizon. Jim quickly ran up to it, faster than a streak of lightning. He saw that it was a small, slimy creature, carrying a lantern. He decided to follow it. Suddenly, when a fork in the road came, the creature became two separate beings, and one took each road. Jim decided to go to the left, and he was rewarded for his correct guess by the creature. The creature told him that if he took a left, a right and then another left, he would reach the guardian of the shrine.

After following the directions of the creature, Jim arrived at the gate of the shrine. A troll appeared, and asked Jim one question. It was: “What can be as cute as a button, as ugly as a pig, and is the pathway to the soul?” Jim knew the answer to the question, because this is what he yearned for most. He confidently answered: “Your face!” and the large gate slowly raised, and Jim reached the shrine. His hopes suddenly were a rising elevator.

“WHO GOES THERE?” A deep voice boomed. “This is Jim the Jack-O’-Lantern,” Jim tentatively answered. “WHAT IS THE WISH YOU SEEK?” The voice questioned. “I wish that my people and I could be just like every other creature in the world, and that we would not be needles in a stack of hay. I wish we could all have a face, and that this face would tell our personality.” “CONSIDERING THAT YOU COMPLETED ALL OF THE CHALLENGES OF MY MOUNTAIN, I SHALL GRANT YOUR WISH! FROM NOW ON, YOU AND YOUR FELLOW JACK-O’-LANTERNS WILL HAVE FACES THAT SHOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE.” Jim repetitively thanked St. Stranglehold, and then headed home. He was treated like a hero among his people, for from the next day forth, every Jack-O’-Lantern had its own face.

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