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May 17, 2019
By Bella_Queen PLATINUM, Brinkhaven, Ohio
Bella_Queen PLATINUM, Brinkhaven, Ohio
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Being a hero doesn't mean you're invincible. It just means that you're brave enough to stand up and do what's needed.
-Rick Riordan

The wind rustled through the trees, as Hannah sat up from her swaying hammock to relieve her sister of her duties of watching their campsite. Hannah hated getting up early, but this was the life they now lived.

Callie, Hannah’s sister, retreated to her hammock as Hannah sat down next to the warm fire, gun in hand. Usually there were no Razorbacks prowling the area, but Hannah and Callie knew only to well that they show up when you least expected them.

Hannah imagined the white demons, with their long sharp claws, and glistening teeth stained with blood. Just thinking about them gave her shivers. She remembered the stories people use to tell about them, most people said that Satan had created them out of the people that were sent to him. The stories always made Hannah hide under her bed when she was a kid. She hated those stories.

Hannah looked up at the starry sky that she could only see through the gaps in the branches of the trees. Tonight the moon was full, and it’s light illuminated the dark forest, as well as their campsite.

Hannah remembered the last time the moon was this bright, but those were unpleasant memories, so she looked away quickly. She hated remembering the past, it made her angry at the world.

She especially hated one’s involving her parents.

She looked at her sleeping sister, Hannah wished she had a better life than this one, but there was no way to change the world they lived in.

Hannah stood to drape a blanket over Callie, hopefully she would have good dreams.

And a good future. Hannah thought.

That’s when she heard the shrill whistle that cut through the air like a knife.

“Razorbacks!” Hannah yelled.

She turned away from her sister to douse the fire with dirt, then she woke her sister. They stood in the clearing back to back. Hannah’s heart was pounding against her chest, as was her sisters.

After a while they heard the loud pounding of feet that signaled that the Razorbacks were coming. Then she saw them. Their large bodies, and their bright yellow eyes. They were surrounded by these white beasts, and there only defenses were Hannah’s rifle, and Callie’s handgun.

One Razorback pounced on top of Callie knocking her off her feet. Callie let out a cry, as the Razorback tried to bite her face. Hannah raised her rifle, aiming straight at the Razorbacks head, then she fired.

Specks of blood spattered Callies coffee colored skin, as the bullet made contact with the Razorback. Hannah rushed to Callies side helping her fallen sister as well as defending herself, it took a few minutes, but soon Callie was up and fighting alongside her sister. It seemed terrifying to see both girls fighting together, using both their strengths to take down the beasts that wished to kill them.

The battle raged on in a terrifying fight between human and beast. Hannah and Callie were both bedraggled and covered in Razorback blood, as well as their own blood, but they kept fighting, their black hair swishing about as they swerved, and dodged Razorbacks. For now they were winning, but it wouldn’t last, they were low on ammo, and both of them were injured, and tired.  

Just as the girls were on their last bullets, another whistle sounded, without hesitation the Razorbacks bounded away most of them leaving with injuries inflicted upon them by Callie, and Hannah.

Hannah was injured, as was her sister, but she could fix that easily. She was happy the Razorbacks had retreated, but the way they did left her puzzled. Why had they told the Razorbacks to retreat? By the look Callie gave Hannah, she was probably thinking the same thing.

“We should really get moving” Callie said “they might come back.”

Hannah nodded her head, packing up her hammock, along with matches, that they used to start the fire. Hannah could feel the dread settling in her stomach as she realized that Callie had nearly died because of her. Hannah’s little sister was the reason she had kept living, she couldn’t bear it if Callie died because of Hannah.


Hannah sighed, waving her hand over Callie’s scratch, which healed instantly. Callie smiled.


Hannah nodded, as she healed her own wounds.

“Let’s g--”

But at that moment they heard a third whistle blast. Hannah looked over at Callie, who’s heart was beating faster than Hannah’s.

“We were so close to another campsite.” she whispered “That’s why they left. There must be more people there.”

Hannah listened closely to the loud gunshots echoing around the clearing. Whoever was in the camp, was more of a threat than Hannah alone. And that's saying something.

Hannah was as dangerous as an Unnatural could get. Being the fact that Hannah could heal anyone instantly, if a battle was happening she could simply roll her wrist and her troops would be healed. She could also instantly kill her enemy’s with a snap of her finger. It would be easy, all she had to do was cut off their airway, or stop their heart if she wanted it to be fast.

Callie turned to were the gunshots were, and started walking.

“What are you doing?!” Hannah hissed “That’s where the Razorback are!”

“I know that!” Callie said looking over her shoulder “In the morning the Razorbacks will be gone, and we can loot the camp! We need more ammo anyway.”

Hannah sighed “It’s dangerous.” She whispered.

Callie grinned “dangerous is my middle name!”

Callie kept going, whenever she set her mind to something she did it. And Hannah couldn’t stop her even though she was four years older than Callie who was only fourteen. Hannah kept pace with Callie, her gun in her hand. She didn’t have much ammo but that didn’t matter, she could kill without a gun.


Hannah could drop the gun and use her Medic powers on humans, but then she would be defenceless against Razorbacks. (They were built to stop Unnaturals, so obviously they made them Medic proof.)

Hannah looked over at her sister. Both of them looked nearly identical, due to their coffee colored skin, and their raven colored hair, except Hannah had chocolate brown eyes, were Callie’s left eye was green, and her right one was blue. Hannah always wished to look like her sister, she was so beautiful with her raven hair touching her shoulders, the dimples she had when she smiled, and her soft features. Whereas, Hannah had long hair, that would hang down to her waist if she let it down, but she always left it up in a long braid that hung down her back. She might have looked pretty if her features weren’t so prominent, and if her nose wasn’t so sharp and pointed.

Hannah looked away from Callie,

Beauty doesn't matter in this world! She thought.

And it was true now all that mattered was being prepared for anything, especially Razorbacks.

After a few minutes of walking, the sun began to rise illuminating the woods with a soft glow. If Hannah had lived in a different time, she probably would have stopped to enjoy the beautiful day, but she wasn’t living in a perfect world, she was living in this world and that was the world she would stay in, until she was caught and killed, then she would travel to whatever other world their was for dead people.

Hannah liked to think that there was a heaven, a perfect place were she didn’t have to fight Razorbacks, and other threats. A place were she could relax for once.

Hannah was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize Callie had stopped, until she ran right into her.

“Why’d you--?”

Callie clamped a hand over Hannah’s mouth silencing her. Hannah looked around, the place probably would have been filled with people moving about, but today it was silent. Everything had been destroyed, save a few tents, but even those one’s had been damaged. Bodies littered the ground, some of them were still clutching various weapons.

It sickened Hannah to see this, but she had learned to harden her heart. She took a step forward, removing Callie’s hand from her mouth.

“Let’s loot around find some ammo, maybe some provisions.”

Callie nodded, her eye’s wide. Due to her medic abilities, Hannah could hear Callie’s heart beating double time.

Callie went toward one of the fallen and bent down to retrieve his pistol. Hannah looked away and started toward a tent with tears in it. Hopefully she would find ammo in there.

As she got closer she noticed a pair of legs were protruding from the entrance.

Another fallen. She thought. She inched closer, opening the tent flap all the way. Then she stopped short, she could hear the beating of a heart and it wasn’t her’s, or Callie’s. It was the boy’s in front of her who looked to be around eighteen. He had a heart beat. He was alive. And he was like her, she could practically see the power radiating off of him.

She turned around spotting her sister who was looting around the campfire, if Callie found out she would force Hannah into saving his life. And then she would probably take him along with them to the safe house in Ohio. Hannah didn’t think that was a good idea, she could handle taking care of Callie, but another member? Hannah didn’t think she could handle it, but could she leave a dying man? Was she that hard hearted?

She sighed, she had to save him, or else it would hang over her head forever. She rolled her wrist and his body began mending itself.

Good, now they can leave, she turned to go, then stopped short. A gun was pointed at her, and Callie was being held by a girl in combat clothes, who was holding a knife to her sister's neck.

“Don’t move medic! Or she’s dead!”

Hannah didn’t know what to do, she could feel that they were Unnaturals. And there  were four of them and one of her.

She couldn’t kill Unnaturals either, it was the one thing she hated about being a Medic. She couldn’t harm other people like her.

“Look I don’t want trouble we were just looting around!”

The girl in combat clothes shakes her head,

“This is the Ravens campsite now.”

Hannah shuddered, the Ravens were a group that caught other Unnaturals and offered them to the government.

Callie laughs “we got here--!”

She stops short when she notices the look Hannah is giving her.

“We’ll just go then.”

Hannah says, trying to step out of the tent.

“Don’t move!”

One of the Unnaturals yells, Hannah stops, panic setting in. They would kill her sister, and she wouldn't be able to stop them.

“You know” the boy holding the gun said, “The Supreme leaders are offering plenty of money for more Unnaturals.” He said a sickening grin on his face.

Hannah didn't know what to do. She tried to use her medic abilities to make them pass out, but nothing was working. Hannah had no choice, maybe she could bargain with them, she dropped her gun.

“What are you doing?!” Callie shouted.

“Just let my sister go, and i’ll come with you.”

Hannah looked away from Callie, she didn’t want to meet her gaze.

“Hmm, why bargain? We don’t need the kid to live”

“No!” Hannah yelled, lunging forward, but a boy grabbed her around the waist holding her arms to her side so she couldn’t heal Callie.

Hannah looked away just as she heard the gun being fired. She expected to hear Callie yell, but she heard nothing, she turned back to Callie to see the bullet hovering above her chest. The boy released her staring at something behind her.

Hannah  whirled around to see the boy she had healed standing behind her, his arms raised.

“How did you--?” One of the Unnaturals said.

The boy just grinned.

“Guess.” He said

The girl in combat clothes shook her head

“No one can do that, so how would I know?!”

She said her eyes wide, the boy shrugged, and the bullet redirected itself. It hung there a few minutes, then it sped toward the boy holding the gun. It hit him right in the legs knocking him down.

“Wait, stop!” Combat girl cried, releasing Callie.

Hannah grabbed her trembling sister and pulled her away from the boy, and the other Unnaturals.

“Ronny!” A girl in a blue hoodie yelled to combat girl “Let’s go, Henry’s hurt!”

Hannah looked over at the girl who had spoken, her face was as white as a sheet.

Ronny looked from her attacker to Hannah.

“Help him!” She yelled, staring at Hannah.

Hannah hesitated, “Will you leave me and my sister alone?”

Ronny nodded her head vigorously. Hannah waved her hand, and the bullet clattered to the ground harmlessly. The boy stood, and ran. The rest of his friends following close behind.

After they were well out of sight, Hannah looked back at the boy.

“How did you do that?” She said, keeping a firm grip on her sister.

The boy shrugged.

“Well I’m not exactly like you, or them. I’m more of a Hybrid.”
Hannah stood there transfixed. Hybrids were a mix between an Unnatural, and something far more powerful, some said they were like Razorbacks.They were rarer than any other Unnatural.

“Your not serious?” Callie said, her eyes wide.

“I’m dead serious.” He said “So were you guys headed?”

Hannah stared at him, she shouldn’t tell him, but Callie spoke before Hannah could.

“Safe house in Ohio.” She said, all traces of fear gone.

The boy nodded.

“I’ll come with you. Oh, and by the way I’m Caleb.” He held out his hand expectantly.

Hannah stared at the boy, who’s black hair was shrouding his left eye, and the boyish grin he wore. Hannah didn’t like how straightforward, and easy going he was. It unnerved her, considering how stiff, and battle ready she was. On the other hand, he could prove useful, giving that he could kill Unnaturals. He could also deliver her sister to the safe house if something happened to Hannah. She was torn. Her parents had taught her never to trust anyone except her family. She had followed that rule ever since her parents had died. Could she break it? She looked over at Callie. Hannah could tell that, for some odd reason, Callie trusted him. Did Hannah?

Hannah sighed, she had made her decision. She wasn’t sure if it was the right one, but she had to hope it was.

“I’m Hannah and this is Callie,” She said, shaking his hand.

“Welcome to the team!” Callie said a grin on her face.

Hannah shook her head, she had a feeling that this was going to end very badly.

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