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The Terrors Test

April 2, 2019
By Bella_Queen PLATINUM, Brinkhaven, Ohio
Bella_Queen PLATINUM, Brinkhaven, Ohio
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I stepped into the dark room, morphing into my shadow self as I went. Today was the day. All I needed to do was show the Masters that I could do it, show them that I could kill a normal.
At first I didn’t see the normal, but I could feel her presence. I closed my eyes, speaking to the shadows, connecting myself to them. It still felt strange that I could now control them, but it also felt strangely natural.
I shook my head focusing on my task “Find the Normal.” I said.
Immediately the shadows responded, forcing a girl out of the corner. She was rather pretty with her blonde hair, and blue eyes, but she looked disheveled, and tired. Probably because of the treatment us Terrors gave the normals, after all they weren't part shadow so why should they be treated as equals?
I shook my head concentrating on the shadows slowly surrounding the Normal. She looked terrified, especially when the shadows would grab at her. Hissing the words;
They closed in their claw like fingernails clawing at her face, I didn’t want to kill her, but I had to. I closed my eyes telling the closest shadow to the girl to grab her. The shadow grabbed her, and she shrieked as the painful process began. Soon she would be another shadow, doomed to serve Terrors, when they needed it.
It was actually a nice life for shadows, us Terrors treated them fairly. The girl writhed in the shadows arms, her skin turning sickly pale.
“Please!” She cried “Their using you!”
I hesitated, who was using me? My shadow form shimmered with my unease.
I couldn’t do it. “Release her!” I yelled. At first the Shadow didn’t listen “I said release her!” I shrieked, the shadow let go, slinking off to the far side of the room. The rest of the shadows looked to me for direction “back off.” I said quickly, they bowed their heads and returned to the dark corners of the room. My shadow form shimmered, solidifying one minute, and then turning back, I focused on my human form, the raven hair, freckles, and crooked teeth.
I opened my eyes, shivering as my form solidified, it felt unnatural to have a human form, as well as a shadow form.
I stepped towards the girl, she was breathing but barely. She muttered something under her breathe, her voice raspy. I leaned down, my raven hair brushing her face lightly. She leaned upward, using most of what was left of her strength.
“Leave” Was all she said.
Then her body dissolved into a dark shadow, it’s red eyes glowing brightly. Now she was a shadow, similar to a human soul, but filled with only hate and the need to serve Terrors. The shadow hurried over to a dark corner, cowering when it saw me.
I turned from the corner wondering what she had meant when she told me to leave. Whatever she meant, I guessed she didn’t want me to stay here.
A door flew open at the left of the room, but the door to the right stayed tightly closed. Plenty of Terrors had gone through that door when they had failed to complete their assignment. Most Terrors believed they were dead, but what if they weren't? What if they were alive?
I shook my head noticing how the shadows stayed clear of that door, if they didn’t like it neither did I.
I took one last look at the room, smiling as I saw Shade, my personal shadow. He flew up next to me, hovering slightly.
“Let’s go” I said “being here feels...wrong.”
Shade flew on ahead of me, and I smiled happy that he was enjoying his shadowy self. I turned my smile disappearing as I felt a tugging sensation pulling me towards the door. I had a feeling I would step through it. Soon.

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