Maggie's Treasure

April 24, 2009
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Maggie was frightened by the lone silhouette of the willow tree. The day had darkened into twilight. The beginning of a new night. It was breezy and she could hear the rustle of the leaves as they brushed softly against each other as she loped toward the gnarled tree. Maggie was glad she carried a glass lantern. Momma was right for buying glass for two lanterns, but it was expensive. She spotted no Wilack Knights near the tree. She climbed a ladder of knots to a small hole. Tucking the stuffed decoy of an owl under her arm, Maggie thrust her hand into the abyss. The silky skin of parchment glided along her fingertips. Maggie glanced around for intruders as she slinked down the trunk. A distant rumble echoed from the mountains. A melodious howl responded to the thunder. Maggie clutched the scrolls close to her chest. The air became frosty from the faraway storm. She had to hurry or she could get caught. A girl or woman caught reading would be sentenced to death. Maggie plummeted into the dark field.

The scent of smoky meat filled her nostrils as she stalked through the door. Maggie’s stomach grumbled as she stared at the cooking meat. It would be as savory as reading from her treasure.

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