Not Always

March 22, 2018

Life changes, and life hurts. basically a smackdown, of whats real or not. in my life i have always searched for something more in life and never really noticed anything else. after a while i was more of an introvert and not an extrovert like my friends. i was a quiet jean and jaket girl with a huge heart for horses. i would chill, and turn up the radio. but today was different. i turn my head starring at the starry window thinking maybe i could fly, but no. humans cant fly. they can do others things but not fly. so i put on my nerd glasses twisting and cranking long pieces of fine metal, it's hard to belive you just use your mind for creativity. but for me i automatically do it. i dip the mteal in cool water, seeing all the steamm come out. i finally let the metall cool to the next stage i call success.

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