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a simple sad story

February 5, 2018
By JasonCarrion BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
JasonCarrion BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
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There was two people in a relationship and they were happy, this short story will stay bland so you wont grow attached to these two. The boy was always living a dull life until this one girl had came into his life and brightened it up. They adored each other so much that the first week of this “relationship” had been a change in their lives. They had only met when they were young until they grew older together. One day a war had broke out and america and north korea had finally had declared war. The seconds felt like minutes minutes felt like hours hours felt like days and so on. On the 5th year of this ongoing war china had been funding north korea to keep the war lasting this long, it was till the ending of the month when the girls boy had been drafted due to the emergency. The girl was carrying a baby in her stomach, it had been 3 months since the pregnancy was announced. As the boy now a man went off in the car taking him away from his family tears rolled down his face. The girl now woman prays day and night that this man comes back to her but sadly the sergeants had pulled up to her house one day announcing that the man had been shot right in his heart in the war and was deemed K.I.A. The general had given the woman a ring from the man that he put his expenses toward so they could get married, the mans soulless body lays with the ring on his finger alive with happiness that the could live his life to the fullest with this woman that had changed his life forever. A few years later the mans faded soul sits next to his wifes alive body knowing that although she wont know he's there that the boy that came into this girls life would always be by her side. The man's last wish before he died was hoping that his wife would wake up with a smile every morning knowing that he died for his wife and now son have a better country and life.

The author's comments:

13 years old and had to do this to pass

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