Happily Ever After?

February 4, 2017
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I remember the mornings. I also remember the nights. You use to call me a 10 in the evening, and we'd hang up at 4 in the morning. I'd tell you about me day, and what happened, how I felt. You did the same, telling me about your day, and how you felt. Yet we never told each other the truth, we'd always lie to keep each other from pushing further.


I loved you, but I never told you. I never knew how you felt. We were friends, and you had your love affairs. Of course, I was the only one you told this too. You told me all about your girlfriends, and how none of them felt right. How none of them compared to the special someone you had forever in your heart.


Did I tell you I started smoking? Did I tell you my parents were fighting? Did I tell you my brother left, and never came home? That I was all alone? Did I tell you I got into fights, and was being bullied. No. I never bothered with my personal life with you because you thought it was childish to tell those things. We were about fun and stupidity.


We were internet friends, and we wanted it to stay that way. Using an online chat, we never gave out our names. I liked that, a friend who always made me laugh and smile. A friend who never pushed me.


Until, you did tell me your name, and where you went to school. I knew you. You were popular and a d*****bag, as I thought. I thought you were lying. You were the person who started to bully me, and the person who always made me feel low. You, in my opinion, were the enemy. And your never suppose to love the enemy.


I didn't talk to you for days, and you got worried. You asked me for my name, and where I went to school.


Eventually, I told you. Eventually, you texted back. You didn't want anything to change, you just didn't want to be seen talking to me. You made me promise something so meaning ful to you, and then you broke it the next day.


I was fighting one of your ex's. I don't know why, but she picked the fight. You ran in the middle of the fight, and stopped it. you threw me over your shoulder and ran to the commons area. You yelled at me, kissed me, and left me. I ran after you, and slugged you, for making me feel this way.


More and more everyday, you talked to me. More and more everyday, I was getting bruises. More and more everyday, you were getting curious.


That's when I told you about my personal life, and what was happening at my house. And you ran. You were gone like nothing the next day. And you never talked to me again. 2 years gone by, and now you start to notice me.


But who knew 2 years of fighting though stress, and bullying, I would forget you? Maybe that was my happily ever after. Just maybe. But who knows. 

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