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That Common Love Story

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Michael Donner walks into the doors of the new place he'll spend for the next three years. . .middle school!  He works his way through the hall, until he finds Mr. Censor's room.  He gets aquainted with his new classmates such as Chastity O'Mulavin, Jana Jilman, and Sameron Lightbolt.  Then she walks in.  As stunning as ever, Danzi Dorman lights up the room, with her brownish-reddish curled hair (short), and her smile makes you want to drool combined with her sparkling eyes.  As the days go by Michael starts to fall deeply in love with Danzi.  He finally reveals his feelings to her, "Danzi, I" he pauses a moment and continues, "I love you."  Danzi stops, stares, and speaks.  "I. . .love you too."  Michael at that moment looks into her eyes, and butterflies then spiral uncontrollably in his stomach.  Years go by, and Michael and Danzi's love still vibrates.  When the two become sixteen they start dating.  A couple of months go by, and then the touch happens.  They were at the movie Suicide Squad, and Michael asks, "I look at you every day, and look at those perfect lips.  God gave them to you for a purpose, I think you should use them?"  He leans in and the lips touch, and earth froze at that second as fireworks lit.  They date all throughout high school, and become the "High School Sweet Heart" and they marry.  Happily ever after.  (scratch scratch) "I wish it ended up that way."

The truth is there is no Michael Danzi love story, instead it's Michael loves Danzi, but she doesn't.  The real story starts like this. . .Michael starts sixth grade, and meets Danzi.  Michael and this girl that likes him, that he likes named Maddy Lewman, but gets confused when Danzi comes along.  He ultimately decides to choose Danzi, because he thinks Danzi's better.  Michael confesses his feelings to Danzi, but ultimately rejects them.  His two best friends also like Danzi, but she rejects them too.  Michael then thinks he's told in prayer that Danzi and him will get married.  The tough decision came, "should I like her, or not."  Michael decides to put her off for the rest of the year, and he does.  

Seventh grade came, and still doesn't remain having feelings for Danzi.   He keeps regretting not liking her, so he makes the tough decision of letting his feelings for her kick in.  Michael doesn't have any classes with her (including lunch), so they don't get to interact much.  The two talk a few times, but nothing like the end of the year.  In his yearbook she writes, "Michael, I love talking to you, you're so nice love Danzi."  He about screamed.  Michael was yearning for next year to come.

Michael's eighth grade year started, and was embracing the fact that he would finally see Danzi again.  The two hit it off and become the best of friends (even maybe a little bit more).  Both LOVE talking to eachother, and communicating, but Michael wants to know her feelings.  He asks her who she likes, he's expecting Michael Donner, I mean why wouldn't she say that.  It takes a little convincing, but Danzi comes clean.  Over email she writes, "I don't want you to be sad, but I like Karu Truxford, and other guys."  Michael's heart shatters.  After some Netflix to recover, he get's back on his feet.  After a couple of weeks the two are back to normal.  The student council holds a Halloween Dance, and Michael decides to ask Danzi.  He softly asks her, "will you dance with me at the dance."  She replies, "yes I will!"  That really overjoyed him.  Michael wasn't expecting what was going to happen next though.  His best friend Gunther Jeber, asks Danzi to the dance too.  The dance comes, and Michael decides to do the right thing and let Gunther have most of the dances with Danzi.  Michael gets in about four dances with her, and hugs her goodbye.  Danzi changes.  Danzi slowly get's more and more dramatic, and blames EVERYTHING on Michael.  She even admits she likes Gunther, to his own face.  Michael gets more and more confuse with his feelings.  He finally decides to get away from the Danzi drama for a while.

What happens, how does the story end.  The story of Michael and Danzi is complicated, but it has not ended yet.  Michael has stopped liking Danzi, but is truly over her.  Michael has given up any chance of him and Danzi being together. . .for now.

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