Purloined Love Chapter 1

November 7, 2016
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My days had passed in such fast time, it felt almost as though the days were trying to win a race. I still went into that disgusting building that these people call school. But I wasn’t ever seen. I never went back to the friends I had made in the beginning. Maybe I was viewing life from the sidelines and that itself was causing too much vulnerability. Such a disgusting weakness that I have been Diagnosed with, According to my brother Amon. It almost seemed like the only way for me to cope with my lost is to have streams of insults pouring out of my mouth like a record player playing old music. Or even worse… Sometimes I would think so much my imagination made me believe that I still had a grasp on that human being that was snatched away from me not too long ago.
These small ways of coping, had somewhat helped me fill the void of emptiness that took over my whole existence.

As they passed, it felt as though my body was beginning to deteriorate. How could such a thing happen to a creation as strong as I. And as every day passed, my brother Avon would look at me with such shame. Shame because I allowed myself to be captivated by mere human. But more shame that I was suffering because 0f one. Even though he still had wandering thoughts no how a creation such as me could have such feelings, much like a human. He felt shame, resentment, and worry. What else would a brother do? But if anything was better, I’d say it was my older sister’s reaction. Elena expressed disappointment but was overall sensitive towards my issue. Not ever feeling love towards a human like I had confused her yet interested her in many ways. It was almost like she was stuck. Did she want to keep experimenting or forbid me from every feeling this emotion ever again so I wouldn’t get myself sick, or worse. Killed.

I had hated the expressions on their faces. I had grown to dislike them, to a line that if I caught a glimpse I would probably growl in distaste.

But when I got home, all I could do was crawl under the safety of my bed’s covers, curl up into a ball, and wish for sleep to keep me forever in it’s warm arms.

Guess this was the middle of my Purloined Love Story.

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