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Prose from the dark : The Demon Lover

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He holds my face below his, gently removing the strands of hair tucked below my eyelids. I’ve been bereft of him for too long. Both of us know it. His soft lips brush over my eyes as he lowers my head onto the feathery pillow.
“Oh, Please! Don’t go!” My eyes cry to their coral reflection in his depths. His arms wrap me in his embrace, his face resting against mine.

As I feel his hand leave me, the fear rises in me like a cobra ready to strike. 
He seems to sense this and turn on his back, pulls me on top of him, holding me close.
I lift my head to meet his warm gaze, a single pathetic drop of tear my eyes turning into a pearl in his. 
“We both know it can’t last!” He says, the hoarseness of his voice clawing at my heart. 
“Stay. Please.” I beg, fighting against a rising sob. He can’t go. Not now. Not just when he's come back. 
“How I wish it were possible.” He says and suddenly, I feel the too familiar arrow of pain strike straight at my gut.
“No. Please. Please don’t.” I scream but it’s of no use.
In front of me he turns to ashes and against my hold, flies away into the black. I sense him in the black fog surrounding me but I’m tied down; unable to hold onto the last fragments of my shattered heart. 
The darkness surrounds me, spreading its talons around my throat – choking me, smothering my cries. 
Let go! I scream through the choked silence but the devil doesn’t listen. My protector of the dark realm is gone, never to return. No one saves me anymore. 
My final thought makes the realization hit harder and my body drowns in the darkness on its own accord, perhaps realizing the futility of fighting.


I wake up gasping for air, my legs entangled in the torn bed sheet. I feel the wet pillow beside my head. I look around for Him but in vain. Gradually, my head decides to fall back on the tears stains.
I know for sure now.
He’s truly gone. 

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