A Salty Pirate Needs A Beautiful Mermaid- Part 1

July 13, 2016

The waves splashed silently. The sand tickled my skin as I moved. I ran my fingers through my thick blonde hair. I always came to my little island to think. Think about how mermaids are always treated so unfair just because we have tails. We are no different from them. We have the same facial features, hair, and hands. The only difference, the tail. I flipped my tail in the cold, soothing ocean. The mermaids live in fear. The fear that we will be killed and our body parts will be sold to merchants. They do that to fish except they eat those. What if they do eat us? I shuddered at the thought. Ready to leave and go back to the cove when suddenly something caught my eye. About 10 feet away from me something washed up on shore. I dragged myself over, only to realize what it really was. A body. Not just anybody. It was a man with burgundy hair, and a beard. I was scared. Is he dead or alive? I reached into the satchel he had around him to find some interesting things. I found a journal with what looked like research as if he was studying something. A compass that had a beautiful engraving on it, that tickled my finger when I ran it along the grooves and curves. The last thing was a gorgeous silver locket. There was an exquisite design along the front of it. I opened it up to see a picture of a beautiful woman with golden hair. She had cherry colored lips, beautiful green eyes, and the most genuine smile I had ever seen. Suddenly, I was feeling the coldness of a knife against my neck. I turned to see the man that was lying dead on the beach moments ago, holding a knife against my neck. "Put that down, fish woman," he said with anger but fear hiding in between words. I put it down quickly. "Get me off this island, or I will kill you," he said once more, but with the fear quite obvious. 

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CNBono17 said...
Jul. 17, 2016 at 10:46 pm
Nice:) Longer comment on the thread. Very original take on this, though.
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