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A Lifeguard Romance

A Lifeguard Romance

With my finger hooked inside the hose and the faucet opened all the way, the blast of water managed to reach the far corners of the dark cement floor. The water churned the soap into suds and coaxed it to the drains in the center of the floor.

The day at the community pool was long and dreary. Gray clouds masked the sky and gave the illusion that it was cold outside, when in reality the smothering heat found its way through the wall of gray fluff and burned all those who decided to venture outside.

The day was slow and swimmers were scarce so there only needed to be three lifeguards stationed and since there was only five guards on duty, two guards at a time would be on break. Out of those five guards was me, of course, and the swimming God that I had yet to beat in a race, West Copper. Cooper had scheduled us for back to back shifts, convenient enough, which meant that we got to spend numerous fifteen minute breaks together. We spent the day flirting, joking, and having deep conversations which is what we normally did, but it was different this time.

At the end of the day, though, it came time to clean the locker rooms. Cooper had told the other guards, except me, that they could go home. It seemed reasonable, I realized, seeing as they all lived at least twenty minutes out of town and I lived two blocks away and Cooper, being the assistant manager, had to stay to lock up. The other guards gave us skeptical looks, but gratefully jumped into their cars and drove off.

Here I was now, cleaning the girls’ locker room where the only sounds were the splatter of water on stone and the faint sounds of Jake Pitts guitar solo coming out of Coopers large speakers in the main room. Humming along to the song, I set down the hose and quickly turned it off, then I picked up a wide push broom and began to thrust the water towards the drains.

“You’re doing it wrong, Zaila,” teased a deep seductive voice from behind me.

I refused to look at him as I continued to sweep, but a small smile tugged at the corner of my lips as I retorted, “I do recall a sign that says ‘Girls Locker Room’ at the entrance.”

“I am the assistant manager; I go where I please.” I could here the humor in his voice as he stepped closer to me. It was then that I turned to face him.

I propped one hand on my hip and continued grasping the handle of the broom with my other hand as my eyes scanned over Mr. Hottie Lifeguard standing in front of me. Cooper’s dark blue eyes had a gleeful shine and they looked at me intently. His wild black hair beckoned me to entangle my fingers within it. Sun kissed skin, teeth as white as paper, and chiseled jaw lined with stubble completed his surfer bad boy look. Cooper had his perfectly calloused hands stuffed in the pockets of his guarding trunks and he wore a loose fitting blue tank top that revealed his muscular arms formed by years competitive swimming. Oh, God, he was beautiful.

“Is that so, Cooper?” I challenged trying to mask the fact that his hotness was melting me. He took another step towards me and I held my ground even though it sent chills down my body. I suddenly felt vulnerable in my blue one piece and red guarding short shorts. But at the same time suffocated by the thin piece of cloth that covered too much skin to breathe comfortably. Cooper was close enough now that I had to incline my head to meet his eyes, otherwise I’d be staring into his collarbone.

“Has there ever been a time where you called me by my first name?” Cooper asked. I racked my brain trying to think of a time when I had.

“Not one I can think of” I informed him with a smirk. I noted our closeness, but I longed for him to be closer.

As if he read my mind, he closed the gap between us till I could nearly feel the movement of his lips on my forehead. “What’s it going to take to get you to call me West?” He breathed as he gazed hungrily at my lips. As I thought of a reply, I chewed on the corner of my bottom lip unconsciously. But as soon as I did, Cooper didn’t give me a chance to voice a comeback.

“Zaila,” he groaned as he tore his hands from his pockets and grasped my face between them. Desperately, he pressed his soft lips on mine and the broom clattered against the wet cement. With immense satisfaction, I ran my fingers through his hair as I kissed him back with equal amounts of desperation. The intensity of the kiss burned me up from the inside with a fire that had been building up all day.

As Cooper started a trail of kisses down my neck, a sudden fact came to my mind. I was seventeen and he was, what? Twenty-two? This was kind of wrong, let alone illegal, wasn’t it? But who cared? I danced my fingers underneath his shirt as I thought, I know I didn’t.

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