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The ending

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I lay in what feels like hell, all I see are images of me and him, dancing in the moonlight, sharing are first kiss and then to top it off January sixth the day we broke up, the day I broke. That day I died inside, I never thought that heartbreak could ever hurt this much. All I ever really wanted was him, and in return I got something that I never thought could happen, I got pain.

The pain felt like a knife deep inside piercing the most vital organs, it was cutting into my soul, etching its way to my heart, I could feel it deep inside scratching away the little pieces of hope I had left. I was dying without him, and he stands and watches me in pain holding his new girlfriends hand and turns away. He never thought I would go this far, after all I never really mattered, I was never really his world, I was never really his girl. I look at their hands locked together and turn away, the pain was too strong, the knife still digging in my soul had almost reached my heart

"I love you," I said breathing for the last time. "I will always love you," and with that final statement the knife pierced through my heart, spilling all my hurt and pain onto the floor to be eaten away by happiness, the same happiness that I never received and will never receive because I have shattered.

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