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Hannah's Immature Love

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Her sobs were the only means of sound, besides the flickering of fire in the fireplace, which broke the grave silence of the warm room. She was sitting near the fireplace and was weeping in a berserk manner. I found her body as cold as ice when I placed my hand on her shoulders. I dreaded the moment when she was allowed to marry the-man-of-her-dreams. I had kept on accentuating over the immaturity of my only niece, Hannah; and continually objected the decision of her paternal relatives. I knew that immature decisions lasted for a short span of time only. After all, what had happened to my sister (who was Hannah’s mother too) was worthy to be taken as a parable. But all my objections went in vain.

Hannah was a high-school student who had inherited auburn, wavy hair and dark brown eyes overlain with heavy lashes; from my sister. Her white skin resembled that of her Irish father. She, with a slim stature and attractive smile was, a ‘complete’ girl for me. If I would have been a man, I would have longed to get married to her. It was astonishing to see such a beauty falling in love with someone, when she alone could lure many men towards her. Her love interest was her classmate: Eber.

Hannah was stupefied by Eber’s beauty. She could not resist herself from staring at him throughout her high school days. He possessed hazel-brown eyes, a beautifully sculpted nose above his subtle red lips and a goatee on his chin that added much to his masculine charisma. His tan complexion and stocky build further enhanced his heavenly beauty which was applauded by all. But there was another aspect of his personality. It was a secret not kwown to all but me. Eber was a man with grey shades. Alas! No one believed in me. My niece was deeply inspired by vampire stories and for her; Eber was ‘just perfect’. I reprimanded her from what she was going to do and disclosed to her what I had seen one Sunday at the local supermarket. I had seen Eber with another girl, as young as Hannah, as they walked out of the perfumery corner with their arms tautened against each others’. But Hannah did not listen. She accused me of being jealous and walked away as if I had had a hallucination.

Hannah talked about her feelings to Eber and Eber pretended to be swirling down deep into a gaping abyss-the eerie whirlpool of love. For Hannah, Eber was someone more than her own life. And for Eber Hannah was just another ‘piece’.

Hannah began to skip classes and meet Eber in private during her high school days. Hannah, who once used to be one of the top-scorers of her class, failed in her third term.

I remember the conversation that took place between me and my niece.

“You’ve failed your History Examinations, Hannah. Is it of no importance to you?” I asked Hannah anxiously.

“Yeah! I know. So what can I do about it now? My destiny had it for me. It was bound to happen, so it did. One must not cry over spit milk,” replied Hannah ignorantly.

“Don’t blame your destiny!” I began to acquire a grumpy temper, “If you would not listen to what I am saying, you shall end up yourself in trouble.”

Hannah then grunted in a despicable manner, “For God’s sake, Stop Aunt Melissa! Stay out of my personal life.” I was awestruck to hear this. Still I managed to remain calm and advised, “Stop treading down the path that you have chosen. Or else I would not be able to fulfill your mom’s last wish.”

“I have nothing to do with my mom’s last wish,” she shouted and left the room. And there I was, standing still and pretending that I heard nothing.

Few months later I came to know that Hannah had decided to marry Eber. I approached and confronted her. I begged, scowled, threatened, cursed, implored; for instance, tried every tactic so that she might change her mind, but she remained adamant. I was aghast over the fact that she had just finished her high-school and had decided to marry. Her choice was a sheer buffoonery. But she could not comprehend it at that time, when everything seemed so vivid and bright to her. I even unveiled the mystery behind her parents’ death in eccentric circumstances.

My sister (Hannah’s mother; Ariel) herself got tangled in the vines of immature, teenage love; when she decided to make Mathew her life-partner. Their love for each other initially appeared to be breaking all bounds. The relationship went that much serious that they finally decided to elope. Mathew brought Ariel-to whom he got married in court- before his parents; much to their distress. Mathew’s parents’ hopes and dreams got shattered. But still they welcomed my sister into their house, only for the sake of their cherished son.

As time passed, Ariel and Mathew began to consider each other a ‘bad choice’. Their feelings for each other began to wipe out and the expectations which they had set began to crumble apart and their mutual trust began to diminish. This was so because they step into the ‘real’ world from their own Utopia. Later, my brother-in-law lost his job. A that time, he was responsible for feeding and clothing his two aged parents, a wife and one daughter; so he had to have a tough time. Increasing financial constraints and with them the inevitable quarrels between my sister and brother worsened Mathew’s health. Before marriage, they both believed that compromising and standing abreast in every rise and fall would be very easy to enact. But all their promises slowly faded away. Mathew suicided and Ariel was left heartbroken and dilapidated. She suffered a heart stroke and before indulging in the eternal sleep, she made me to promise that I would not let Hannah to make a wrong decision (that was of immature love) in her life.

Unfortunately, this truth also had had not even a meekest of effect on Hannah. She consulted her paternal relatives over her marriage. And her stubbornness conquered the timid pleas of my sister’s in-laws. She was allowed to marry Eber. Unfortunately, her paternal relatives gave in; in spite of thinking of that immature Hannah’s obedience should lie in the decisions made by her mature elders.

It was then Hannah’s wedding day. She was extremely aloft. Her smile appeared more enchanting in her veiled face as she walked into her room in her shimmering white wedding gown to wait for the carriage

to come. But fate had to bring something else. It twisted and took a leap when Hannah discovered a dear-john-letter in her room, which said:

“Sorry, I cannot be your groom. In fact, I could never be because I had never considered you to be my wife. My father wants me to study in a university in a foreign land, so is my wish to secure my own future. Perhaps I would be seated on a plane when you will be reading this. I didn’t tell you earlier because I didn’t want to break your heart. Sorry once again, for the trouble that I had caused you. I hope you’ll understand.”

How my niece had had reacted is a mystery still. But when I-accompanied by other bridesmaids-entered her room, we found her lying motionless on the floor with a parchment clutched in her hands. Her eyes were shut tight. The moment she had opened them, she was in her bed still wearing the wedding gown.

She looked awful. Her dazzling brown eyes were wet and sore. Her straight nose was red and pink lips had turned puce. Her auburn hair had never looked so dull before. What a pity on her! Alas…I could not do anything. For instance, no one could do so. I sat close to her and few minutes later; I came out of the room. I was tremoring and stammering to see my only niece’s such condition.


Few days later, I went to see her again. She was looking much better than the last time I had met her. Tears were trickling down her cheeks as she was gazing solemnly outside the attic’s window. I patted her back dearly. She turned, smiled and in a low pitch; she spoke, “Aunt Melissa, you also got married to the one whom you loved. But, you are lucky that you did not meet the same fate as which my mom and I had encountered.”

“The reason for why I and Williams proved to be a happy couple was that, that our love was not ‘immature’ dear. Many girls fall in love with their classmates at a very early age, sometimes even after knowing that they are cheating on them. School and college days are extremely essential for one’s career building. It is very important for the students not to waste their time getting enticed by cruel lures of love. My case was different,” I decided to clear her confusion, “the time when Williams proposed me, I was a working lady; not a high-school student like you. Life had given me experience and lessons, and I was mature then. I knew what was right and what was wrong for me. After all, it was a practical decision not an emotional one.”

She stood and walked closer to the window, “Yes, Auntie. You are right.” She sighed and the atmosphere went tranquil. Twilight streaked the low cumulonimbus clouds and doves began to retreat to their nests. Even the larks had stopped chanting. Perhaps, they had also understood that Hannah had learnt the difference between mature and immature love. I hope many others will also understand the same.

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LanimalThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 13, 2014 at 1:32 am
Wow, fantastic job! I really loved this! My one and only suggestion is to omit some of the was's, if that makes sense. For example, instead of saying, "I was tremoring and stammering . . ." you could say, "I tremored and stammered."  I apologize if you don't want any suggestions/feedback - feel free to ignore everything I just said if you want :) Anyways, great job, keep it up!! I look forward to more of your work! :)
LillyZ83This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jan. 8, 2014 at 1:29 pm
I LOVED IT!!! An astonishingly well written story!
AmarUlHaque replied...
Jan. 8, 2014 at 2:34 pm
Thank you so much. :)  
KaytaRoseT said...
Jan. 7, 2014 at 8:15 pm
Very good! 
AmarUlHaque replied...
Jan. 8, 2014 at 2:33 pm
Thanks alot :)
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