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Instead of saving me, you broke me.

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I look at the phone, great another message from him, this wasn't getting any easier. I just didn't want to see him anymore, everything was falling apart, I could barely talk to him without breaking down. I just didn't understand why we broke up, we had everything. I used to lay in bed at midnight missing his hand in mine, missing the way he hugged me from behind. But right now all I wanted was to be alone, I wanted him out of my head, I wanted to stop missing him so bad, I wanted to know if this aching feeling inside my heart would get any better, and I wanted to know how much he had deeply loved me. I dry my tears and turn on my music, I scroll through my songs, landing on perfect two, the tears rolled down my face, I didn't want to be reminded of what we had, and I didn't want to be reminded of that heart breaking day. It was so hard to hear those words, "we just can't be together, it's not you it's me." I turn off my iPod and throw it at the wall and hear the clank of metal against wood, I sink down to my knees and cry I just couldn't help it I missed him so much, but I also didn't want to see him. I cried until I had nothing left it felt like my heart had been drained, I felt empty, alone. I needed him, but I didn't want him, I wanted to hug him, but I also wanted to slap him, I wanted to kiss him, but I also wanted to tell him goodbye. I sobbed harder into my shirt, I could almost see him in front of me with another girl, laughing and holding hands just like we used to do. I just wanted my heart to stop aching, I wanted to feel better, and I just wanted him to love me again. I dry the rest of my tears and pull on my jacket I needed some fresh air.

I trudged along the sidewalk not caring where it took me, I felt so alone, and so empty without him. I heard a rustle behind me and turn around, his perfect blue eyes staring straight at me, I couldn't help it I broke down.

"Why did you leave me, can't you see I'm dying without you!?" I said my lip trembling. He walked toward me and wrapped his arms around me, his touch was so familiar, I missed it so much.

"I only left you because I had too." he said gently brushing my arm.

"Why did you have too?" I asked barely able to stop the flow of tears.


"Because why!" I said letting the tears fall freely.

"Juliet please, it's nothing you just have to accept that were over," he said taking a step back.

"No, you just don't understand, I'm dying without you, it's like you took half of me and left, I need you!" I said breaking down.

"Juliet I'm so sorry, I just... we can't... I'm sorry," he said shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I understand, I'm just not good enough for you, I hope you have a good life, Damien" I said turning around and walking back towards my house, trying to stop the flow of tears streaming down my face.

"Good bye, Juliet," he said quietly.

I slam the door behind me and take off my jacket not bothering to hang it in the closet, I felt so betrayed, so hurt, so alone. I open my bedroom and burst into tears.

"Why did he have to leave!?" I cried.

"Because I made out with your best friend and I didn't want to hurt you." I turn around and see his perfect sparkling blue eyes staring straight at me.

"Why?" I said putting a loose strand of hair behind my ear, trying not to show the hurt I felt.

"I didn't see what was right in front of me," he said dropping his head.

"Well I'm happy were over, now leave goodbye Damien."

"But you said you still wanted me," he said trying to grab my hand.

"That was before I knew you were a cheater and a jerk," I said not believing he could still think I wanted him back after what he did.

"I understand, I'm so sorry Juliet," he said turning his back to me, I could tell he was crying.

"You should be," I said burring my head in my pillow. I was broken, shattered, hurt, alone and he wasn't here to save me. I wish my heart could mend, but he's still in there trapped because I never let him go, because I still loved him he was my always and I was supposed to be his forever.

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