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Finally mine

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I stand in the door way alone fearing his answer not wanting to know what was going to happen, we were just friends after all nothing more nothing less until the day I confessed I loved you.
I typed in the words I had feared to say for so long and hit send fearing for the worst, but when his next message came it was the rejection I was used to the same old we can't be together it just won't work, I knew you were scared I was too, Madison had broken your heart months before and you just weren't ready to be hurt again, the only problem was I didn't want to hurt you I wanted to be with you trapped in your arms awaiting the kiss you had saved just for me. But you just weren't ready, you just didn't care you didn't want love, you wanted space to be without the one thing that had betrayed you. I guess I respected him I had been hurt too, but I didn't really care I rolled my eyes and went down the stairs my heart was broken already and you weren't even mine.
A month later tears streaming down my face from the promise you broke, I thought you said I was a creep and you didn't want to hold my hand, That day was my sisters birthday and the first day you said I love you. I texted you trying to hold back my tears saying why didn't you just say you didn't want to hold my hand instead of ditching me to go to the bus I waited for you by the lockers but you never came. He texted back saying I'm sorry my dad picked me up, what a terrible excuse for my broken heart, I texted him back saying its fine I heard you said I was a creep please tell me it was a lie. His answer was as simple as that who told you that and whoever they are they're dead. It was of course his best friend I asked why would he say it, it hurt so bad. He replied because he knows your special to me and he just won't let it go. I stared at the text and burst into tears I had waited for months for him to say those words and know it's finally here. Were now together telling each other I love you every single day cause he's my universe and the most special person to me because without him I'm flawed but with him I'm flawless.

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