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A Different Kind of Love

“He looked into my eyes and I looked into his. His soft blue eyes made me feel numb all over with a feeling I had never known. And--.”
“Wait, in the story are you and Daddy going to kiss?” She said, the one with bright blonde hair and eyes like her daddy’s.
“Why? Do you think kisses are gross?” I asked, grinning.
“Yes.” She said assured in her answer, crossing her skinny arms for emphasis.
“I don’t think kisses are gross. They are kind of sweet.” The one with dirty blonde locks said. “Go on with the story, Mommy.”
“Okay.” I said. We all sat on the couch and piled on one another like sleeping kittens and I continued the story. “Okay, so his soft blue eyes made me feel numb all over with a feeling I had never known, and this was called true love. He kissed me and I just had to kiss him back. We became best friends. We got married and then we decided it was time to have you three. Now we have our three little treasures and are living happily ever after. The End.” Everyone was silent for a moment and then I asked how they liked the story.
“I liked it. I think.” The little boy said.
“The kissing was gross.” Said the girl with her daddy’s eyes, being stubborn as usual.
“I liked it, too. But isn’t it still going on?” The one with beautiful dirty blonde locks said.
“You’re right.” And I squeezed all the “kittens”.
The little boy’s head popped up. “Wait a second, do you love us?”
“My dears, I love you more life itself.” I said and kissed every little head.
The little boy was quiet for a moment and then asked “Like Daddy?”
“What do you mean honey?” I asked.
“Do you love us like Daddy or is that a different kind of love?” His face wrinkled in thought as the gears and cogs in his head spun faster and faster.
“That’s a different kind of love.” I said
“Oh.” The little boy said and laid back down his head.

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