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Rainy Day

By , Goessel, KS
It is raining.
It is a Saturday. Both your and my parents are at work. We go out to lunch together, a nice Mexican place, a little whole in the wall. We order tamales and then get full on the chips before our main meal. As we drive home, you take my hand and say, “Let’s just relax at my house.” I say yes.
As we get to your house, the rain picks up. It is a cool day. We laugh and run holding hands into your house. We are soaked. I am freezing and want to shower. “Yes of course,” you say and give me a towel. I get into the shower, the hot water gliding over my cool skin. I take my time, but I do not keep you waiting. I step out of the shower, and waiting for me on the counter is a big flannel shirt and some freshly washed boxer shorts of yours. I smile to myself. I slip them on over my bra and underwear and dry my long hair with the towel, not bothering to brush it. I pile my clothes and shoes on your counter.
I quietly tiptoe on the cold hardwood floor into your living room. There is a small fire in the fireplace. You have piled numerous comforters and pillows on your gigantic futon, which you have pulled out. I jump on to it.
“This is amazing,” I say.
“I know,” you say back. Then you click the remote and The Little Mermaid begins quietly on-screen. I snuggle deep into the blankets and rest my head on your lap.
I gaze out at the rain through your floor to ceiling window. “I love you,” I whisper. And I know I really do. You look down at me. I have never said it to any one before and suddenly I wonder if I shouldn’t have said it. But then I realize that it doesn’t matter. Because I really do.
He squirmed out from under me. We sat on his couch, facing each other. I don’t know what to think, what to do, all I know is that I’ve screwed it up-
-And then you are kissing me. And I am kissing you back. I don’t even realize that this is my first kiss, only that it is wonderful. You then lean over and whisper in my ear, “And I most definitely love you too.” We gaze into each other’s eyes, then smile.
You pull my down beside you and we lay there, holding hands. I giggle as your cat snuggles into my side. We lay there, entwined. I glance out the window and gasp at the small white flakes drifting down from the sky. I show you, and we watch the snowflakes fall. You kiss my nose. We talk for a while and soon our mouth fall silent as the crackling fire and the falling snow mesmerize us. And soon we both drift into a beautiful, dreamless sleep.

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