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My First Love.....

It all started at that family pool party. If I never went I wouldn't have met you. Everyone told me we use to play together all the time when we were kids. I thought you were the cutest guy I've ever seen. But I was young. I was in love with the idea of love and that made me fall to fast.
I couldn't get you off my mind all day. When you asked for my number I nearly died at having to tell you that you couldn't have it. I told you that you'd have to ask my mom and when you did I nearly fainted. At first I promised myself I wouldn't go out with you, but as we started to talk I felt my self falling.
You were sweet in the beginning. Our first date was weird because I wasn't allowed to date and my mom came with us. I'll never forget sitting in the movies on my first date and you reached for my hand and held it. You gave me butterflies every time you kissed my hand and I was so ecstatic.
Later I realized who you really were. I didn't want to believe my friends when they said you were no good. I thought that they couldn't possibly know you sine we lived in different areas and didn't go to the same school. But they were right. Six months was wasted on you but i still can't take you off my mind at times. I find it hard to imagine that after all the things you did I still have feelings for you.
It's been almost three years and you still try to contact me even though we aren't suppose to talk. You say you've changed and made a mistake in letting me go. The funny thing is that I still believe you. But deep down inside I know that i'm better off without you. I know that the guy i'm with now is better and more caring then what you were.
You taught me a great lesson though. Always be careful of who you give your heart to. But I guess that's the thing with first loves. You will never stop loving them. No matter what horrible things happened or what they've done to you. There will always be that part in your heart, no matter how big or small, that cares about them.

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