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You broke my heart

Today, you broke my heart,you just tore it to shreds,and threw it away, all the while staring in my eyes.You looked at me and asked if you could borrow my pen and, I thought the look you gave me said it all...

But, then you looked away and asked for her number. And, as if that wasn't enough, you opened the door for me, forced me to stare into your eyes, your caramel brown with sunshine mixed in eyes.

But, now, I'm wide awake, I see that all the times when you were saying hello only to me not to the one you like, all the times you made me laugh and convinced me to join the math team...and, all those other things that it would take too long to say, you were just being nice but, not even friendly.

I guess it was obvious you didn't want to be my friend at all (much less like me that way) when we almost never talked before I started being friends with her and when...well, when you and "your girl" behaved as thought I didn't exist.

So now, it's official, I'm completely over you and the next time you feel like talking about your troubles with her and the way she's a s*** and a b**** and all those words in your large swearword vocabulary, just go see her...and, don't you dare come see me crying and depressed because I'll laugh at you the way you did when my supposed friend and your "girlfriend" made that crack about how I'm a loser.

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