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Frozen Time

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Love, heard escaping mouths across the earth, meanings vary from A to Z. I was once told that I was loved, the words as sweet as honey and as smooth as silk, hearing it releases the caged butterflies in your stomach it causes you to feel as if I were to die at this exact moment I would be okay because my life was complete. The eyes staring back to you are sincere as death and deeper than any ocean I have ever seen. Suddenly your eyes shut acting as if the beauty was too strong and far too bright to be seen with mortal eyes.

Does heaven feel this way or am I witnessing something even more powerful than heaven. Light headed this four letter word causes my brain to loop trying to interpret the meaning. Only I don’t worry if I fall because for the first time I know that arms are there. There to envelope me, to protect me from anything. People say they wish they could have forever with the one they love, but I believe I just need these 5 seconds of unwavering compassion. An eternity of frozen time, where I don’t utter a single word nor waver from his protective embrace; heaven is said to be found in the high clouds of endless boundaries. But my soul will not leave my body I shall stay mesmerized attempting to understand the full capacity and meaning of love, until the end of time I vow to stay in this state of indescribable happiness; forever shall my love grow, forever shall it stay.

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