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Chapter 1- The End


"I'm sorry." He said. I couldn't tell if he was soaked in tears, or the rain.

We stood there, back to back, far apart.


"You'll be fine." That was the last thing he said to me.


Running, numb. Holding my eyes closed, didn't cry.


<i> Don't look back. </i>



Sitting in the rain all alone, I looked up in the sky. Memories is starting to fade away. It's murdering me inside, slowly, bit by bit.


<i> It's impossible. </i> I get my hopes up, and watch them fall, every time. <i> I've lost him. </i>

Chapter 2- Rewind

Staying up late every night thinking about him. Starting to contradict myself. Confused about my feelings.


Anger and tears would come any minute. Giggling, just walking through our memories. Sitting there all day staring into the wall. The wall, covered with the old pictures of us.

He controlled my emotions. Just one word would make my day. But now, I've turned into someone else. A stranger.


Yes, it's all him. He changed me. He was my everything... <i> Was. </i>

Chapter 3- A Fresh Start

I've got to do what's best for me. I thought, staring into the sky. Move on. I don't belong here. I'm a stranger to him, this city, and even my own self.

Leaving this place where all my memories lies? No. But everything's gone different now. Everything seems so… unfamiliar.

<i> Another city turns to gray. </i>

Packing. A ticket lying on my bed, soaked wet. Moving. I grabbed on to the ticket, tight. <i> Farewell, </i> I said with a bright smile, <i> I'll miss you. </i>

And I walk, into colors.

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