Post-it note love

November 6, 2012
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It started with a note that said “Get off,” and it ended with two kids falling in love. His name was Matt, and he was a junior at the time. He had seen her every morning and every afternoon on the bus. He had seen her silently get on. She always had her headphones in her ears; she always seemed to be in her own world… he liked that. She didn’t sit where everyone else sat. She didn’t try to have a conversation with the “popular” girls. She had changed so much since he had last seen her. Back when she was in sixth grade and he was in eighth. Back when she would sit where everyone else sat, back when it seemed like she wished with all of her heart for the “popular” girls to talk to her. She had become herself… and he liked that. He didn’t know how to talk to her. How do you talk to someone who likes to be in her own world on the bus? How do you talk to someone who probably doesn’t want to talk to you? He didn’t know so he didn’t try, finally not knowing her starting eating away at his skin. He decided the easiest thing he could do was drop her, a note. He got up the courage to drop her, the note on his way off the bus on afternoon.
She was shocked when the note landed in her lap, so she opened it right away. It said two words, “Get off.” She read the note right in time and stood up to get off the bus seconds before it started to pull away. He was shocked that she actually got off. She walked right up to him and just stood there not saying a word; she took her head phones out of her ears and draped them across her neck. He was nervous so he just went with the first thing that came to his head. “You always have head phones in your ears… What do you listen too?” She seemed to smirk a little bit and then replied “a little bit of everything, from the oldies like the Rolling Stones, to Bob Marley, even Flo Rida, and Fun. Why do you want to know?” He didn’t know how to answer so he simple said something along the lines of, “you intrigue me. The way you don’t care if people don’t like you, the way you seem to always have something each day to look forward too,” then he simply asked her if he could walk her home. It wasn’t a long walk, but it was long enough for them to figure out that they liked each other.
Neither of them really knew what to do next. So the next day Matt dropped her, another note, and then the next morning she passed one off to him. This went on for a couple of months, and then they started hanging out. They started sitting together on the bus and kissing in front of everyone. He didn’t care who knew that he liked her; he didn’t care who saw him with her. Time went on and their relationship grew. He loved her more and she loved him more too.
Then he graduated and that summer they broke up, to make things easier. He went on to be a baseball player and she went on to be a journalist. More time passed and one day she sees a picture in the paper of a baseball player’s art. She read the story and realized the story was about her Matt and the piece of art work he had created was made out of all of their notes. She was so overwhelmed just by the idea that he had saved every single one. She looked him up right then and there and they set up a night to go on a date. They started dating again and fall in love and a few months later they were married. In her mind this seemed like a sappy ending, but it was perfect, and they lived happily ever after.

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