September 12, 2012
When I woke up I found myself in a hotel room with a messy floor. My clothes stripped off. Probably from a hangover my head was banging. A note was written in a nice notebook filled with more notes. This one stood out. It looks as if tear drops had been dropped from the eyes of the writer. I positioned myself so I could read it.
The note read:
This was the best summer I have ever had. Because of you. I see you sleeping so peacefully. I don’t want to leave. I came here to find myself and I did in you. I love you for trying to understand what u go through, but I don’t want to put this on you. I’m sorry.
Forever&Always, Mandy

My tears collected on the note just as Mandy’s did I wiped them away quickly. I lay my head back on my pillow and memories of the summer started collecting in my head.

The first day I saw her I was having the worst day. My car was acting up, my phone was dead, and I was late for work. I ended up on the board walk taking in the sites one by one. Then there she was drawing on her sketch pad taking in the sights just as I was. The sun beaming in her face making her eyes sparkle like stars in a dark sky. I walked closer to get a better view though the beauty followed in all angles. Her jean skirt lies just above her framed knee’s. Her half shirt rose just above her perfect belly button. I didn’t know what to say but I walked over to her anyways. I sat next to her to think of what would be the right thing to say. As she finished her drawing she got up and started walking toward a different sight. Without thinking I grabbed her wrist. “Do you want to go to dinner with me?” I heard the words slip from my mouth. She took a good look at me. Then a confused look brushed upon her face as she pointed to her hearing aid. The confusion spread to my face as I dropped my head to the floor. She dropped her face as well and tried to pull away from the grip of my arm. I let her go, though soon after I ran after her, struggling to pull out a piece of paper and a pen. . “Do you want to go to dinner with me tonight?” I wrote followed by a yes and no box. She looked at me and stared again. Then a huge smile spread across her face as she grabbed my pen and checked yes.

As soon as I went home I got on the computer and started to learn sign language. I wanted to impress her. Hopefully it wouldn’t offend her I thought. I’d never asked if she knew signed language. I learned many phrases including “How is the food?” and of course “You look beautiful!” I brought a note pad with me to write stuff I didn’t yet know how to sign. I wore a strapless dress with my short hair down and my high heel s just high enough. My car was fixed and filled with gas. I got her hotel key from the office because of her situation. I came in just as she was putting the dress over her perfectly shaped body. She was standing in front of the mirror and saw me coming in through the door. She smiled while I stared and smiled back. I took me a while to stop staring but my eyes finally gave up. I brought my hands up to sign the thought that ran in my mind. “You look beautiful!” I signed. The smiled appeared again on her face as she signed it back. As I walked her to the car I realized neither me nor her had stop smiling since I walked in. I couldn’t control myself around her. The moon followed her on our ride but stayed on her just as the sun did.

I took her to a small restaurant not yet heard of or famous. It was outdoors, quiet, and romantic. Just the way I had planned for it to be. I pulled out her chair for her to sit down with the smile remaining in her face. The moon continued to smile on her as she read through the menu. On the notebook she wrote that she wanted: Steak with sides on potatoes and broccoli. I ordered the same and we both got ice teas with a lemon on the side. While waiting for our food we started writing. We asked about each other’s family, long term goals, short term goals and more. Eventually we found our hands touching and fingers colliding. I asked how the food was using sign language. She signed back but I laughed and wrote I didn’t know that yet. She wrote the food was very good. We spent the rest of the evening writing and laughing.

As we got to her hotel room I walked her to her room. The note pad in her hand Mandy wrote that she had fun. “Me too!” I replied. We should do it again she wrote. “Tomorrow? The beach?” I asked. “I’d love to,” she’d written. When I got back to my house I learned more sign language. She seemed impressed when I did what I knew tonight.

Early the next morning I went shopping for a new bathing suit. I hadn’t gone to beach in a while so I felt like I needed a new one. Last night Mandy said her favorite color was sea blue. I decided to get one that was sea blue with a gold fish on the right of the bikini top. On the way to pick her up I stopped to get us donuts. As I opened the door she was still sleep in the bed looking as cute as ever. I gently stroke a piece of her hair behind her hearing aid. She moved her legs slowly and blinked her eyes. She reached for the notebook and wrote she was sorry. “It’s ok.” I learned to sign the night before. She smiled even brighter. I was convinced the sun was attracted to her. As she got ready I couldn’t help but to stare. When she was finished we enjoyed the donuts I got before coming over.

It was still early when we got to the beach. There were waves clashing on the hard dark rocks. They were calming. As we settled our stuff on the sand surfers began to appear. We got tans and wrote for most of the time. Eventually we got in the water. In an attempt not to get the notebook wet we didn’t bring it. I signed as much as I could with her. As the water touched us our burning begins to cool. We swam in a directing facing each other. As we got up our eyes met and stayed glued to each other. The closer we got the brighter the sun became. Our lips touched lightly as her hands reached to touch my dimpled cheeks. My hands went down around her waist pulling her slightly closer. It felt as if the word stopped and it was just the two of us. After the beach we grabbed a bite to eat at a local burger shack. We shared a hamburger, fries, and a milkshake. We wrote some more. We laughed some more. We kissed some more. As we parted ways I managed to get her number this time.

The next day I hadn’t seen her. It was something I didn’t like. I missed her. Her beautiful smile. The way she laughed. The way the sun stayed on her at all times.

I finally texted her and asked her to the movies. She replied yes quickly with a smiley face. I wore black skinny jeans with a white tank top. When I picked her up today she was ready and up. I took her to a theater that had subtitles for people that cant here as good. I watched the movie while holding her soft warm hand on the seat rest in between us. We shared a slushy with two straws and some popcorn. Her straw was longer and mine shorter. We both reached for our straws at the same time leaving my nose to her mouth. She slowly took the straw out of her mouth and kissed my nose. Then I lifted my head to match our mouths together and kissed her gently. She left a trace of her vanilla chapstick on my lips. When the movie was over we went to the arcade that’s usually in the theater. We raced in the car games. With the steering wheel, the seat, and gas pedal. We even tried the games that had the teddy bears in the big boxed vending machines. Except instead of buying something you had to grad it. Of course in those games you never get it. I ended up going to the front buying her one.

The summer continued and we begin to fall madly in love even the night she left.

The day she left was almost perfect. She asked me to come to her hotel. She refused to tell me why or what was going on. When I got there a rose pedal trail lead me to a table filled with candles that left a sweet scent. And food smelling so good my stomach started to growl. There on the table was also red wine that will probably stain my teeth later but at that moment I didn’t care. I kissed her shoulder in an effort to show I had arrived. She smiled and turned just her head to kiss me. By this time I was quite fluent in sign language so I was able to sign “This looks beautiful” to her as she smiled. She signed back “Thank you!” As we sat to eat she looked into my eyes and spoke and said “I love you!” My eyes wear tearing up; I had never heard her speak before. She sounded beautiful. My smile kept getting bigger and bigger. “I Love you too!” I replied with a huge smile on my face leaning in for a kiss. As we kissed tears of joy spread down both of our faces. In order to celebrate we drunk a little too much red wine and beer.

I woke up the sound of beeping on an alarm I might have set last night though I couldn’t remember. I opened the eyes that were supposed to be already open. There was no letter and a person behind me. There was a train of clothes on the floor and wine and beer bottles everywhere. I turned around slowly to see who was behind me. It was a more than beautiful Mandy with her hearing aid still on her ear.

I must’ve been a dream I thought. She didn’t leave that note. The note that would have changed my life forever. Letting her slip away. It was a dream. She woke up to me looking at her. “What?” she signed. “Nothing!” I signed giving her a long kiss and pulling her closer. “Just don’t leave me” I sign. “I won’t” she signs back.

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