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Just Waiting Around This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

I’m waiting. Sitting and waiting and tapping my fingers on the nearest tappity surface. Waiting for the next homework assignment (won’t be long!) or on the opposite end, waiting for my procrastination to burn out and actually start on the stack of homework that’s waiting for me.

Waiting for adventure even if that means talking to that new girl who gives me strange looks. But she gives everyone strange looks, so it’s not me, right? Even if that means signing up for Model UN club (aka Smart People’s Club) even though they might laugh at my ignorance and I might go hide in the corner behind my planner, pretend writing imaginary reminders. Waiting for the bell to ring.

Or maybe it’s real adventure, like finally saying something to Mr. Supermegafoxyawesomehot. It’s really not that hard, except the whole looking at his mouth part and imagining your mouth part on his mouth part and by his time, your mouth part isn’t working and its just one big Ben and Jerry’s- fest waiting to happen. So I’ll wait.

When one waits, one tends to dream. Or think a lot. Well, at least I do. It’s not that often that one can wait and think of nothing at all. So I dream; marvelous things that sprout from my brain and grow into a tangly, wild, colorful jungle that in no way can ever be real. And yet I hope it will be. I dream it like this:

I’ll be sitting in my room, waiting for my show to come on, when there’s a flash and a woman with cotton candy hair and a rose petal mouth will smile and tell me she’s my fairy godmother and I have one wish. So I whisper it in her ear, she laughs, and poof! Gone. Oh look, my show’s on, I’ll say.

The next day, I’ll walk into school, eyes shining, and bits of leftover fairy glitter in my hair. I’ll look just the same- boring brown hair, same old brown eyes. But it’s different when you know you’re going to win, isn’t it? It makes you want to play the game. I’ll walk down the hallway and every boy will stare. They’ll stare and gawk and ogle until I’m sure every adolescent eyeball will go tumbling to the ground. I’m irresistible.
My fairy wish has been put to good use.

They’ll stutter out broken words strung together like beads on a necklace, saying things like “Hey- hey! Hey Emily! What are you- are you, um, doing…anything tonight?” and I’ll shake my head, smile and say “Not today, boys,” and saunter off. I know my target.

“Hey Emily!”


“Yo Emily!”

But it isn’t till I turn the corner that I consider the new powers I possess. He’s roughhousing with his friend when the friend sees me and freezes. “Hey what are you staring-” But not another word leaves his lips. His jade green eyes widen and his jaw goes slack.

Silence. Without another moment’s careful consideration, I reach up, run my hands through his disheveled, beautiful, black hair, and kiss him. Softly, sweetly, briefly. Just when he starts to respond, I pull back and walk away.

He stutters after me but is in too much shock to do much of anything. I grin to myself. This is going to be fun.

I go throughout the day, being the center of everyone’s attention. The girls are jealous and cast me envious-bordering-on-hateful glares, but I don’t mind them. Boys get over their shock and are devoted puppies following a much-loved master. I gently shake them off, but secretly (or not-so secretly) enjoy the attention. But the only one that receives the honor of my own is him. We rendezvous at the vending machines at lunch. He grabs my hand fast and gives me a heart-melting smile. We kiss. I try not to think of how selfish it all is, and that he’s just under a spell, so I flick the thought away like a bit of lint stuck to my shirt. He asks me to be his girlfriend. I accept. We kiss some more. Happily ever after the end, right?

Wrong. I get home from school elated and excited, however running on fumes, since meeting by the vending machines does not really equate actually getting food, apparently.

I’m waiting for the popcorn to pop when there’s a flash and apple cheeks and waterfall eyes smile at me. FGM waves her wand and tells me she was glad to fulfill my wish, but they only last for a certain period of time, and that time’s up.

I beg her to at least let HIM remember, to feel. All Fairy Godmother does is smile and oops! She’s gone before I get an answer.

The next day, everything is back to normal. No guy is in love with me, and Mr. Nobody forgives me for deserting him and we have lunch. When I round the corner and see him, my heart leaps. Does he remember? I hold my breath and head towards my locker when a hand latches onto my arm and spins me around.

“Hey babe,” a smile here, a kiss there. Rainbows and butterflies everywhere. He pulls me towards him and my heart is doing the hokey pokey like mad. Hope he doesn’t hear the music. Yes! FGM for the win!

So that’s what I’m waiting for. For my fairy godmother to poof! Arrive and give me seductress powers and poof! He’s mine. Sound ridiculous? I don’t think so. I mean, if we don’t dream (or wait) then nothing would ever come true. ?

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W. said...
Sept. 7, 2012 at 1:09 pm:
This is really cute.  I like it!:) keep on writing
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