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Something Magical Part 20

Adam floors it down the small suburban street in the direction of the hospital.
“So are you having a baby?” I ask my mom, head pounding with confused thoughts. What is going on?!
“I don’t know. I mean, the doctor never said anything like this would happen due to the miscarriages…” her voice cracks as she says the word miscarriages. I recheck my behavior; I don’t need to be worried. That’s her job in this situation. I need to be her stable base just like Adam is mine.
“Ok, well we will go to the doctors and see what’s going on ok?” I reassure her with a squeeze of my hand and lay her head on my lap. When she closes her eyes I look up from the backseat, searching for Adam. Looking at me from the rearview mirror I can already see the silent smile in his eyes. He’s proud that I haven’t lost all control, and I’m proud of myself too. He presses the gas harder and hands me his phone (because I left mine in my purse in the car) and says, “Call your dad; he has a right to know that his wife is going to the hospital.”
For the last twenty minutes of my mom being in this pain, I didn’t once think of my dad. Guilt overflows and I take the phone. What if he can’t make it to the hospital in time and something goes wrong? Would it be my fault? Touch screen buttons squeak as I punch his number into the phone. It rings a few times before he picks up.
“Hello?” My dad’s voice sounds happier then normal and I can just barely hear the sound of the barbeque sizzle. I feel bad taking that happiness out of his voice.
“Dad, mom’s hurt. I left my phone in the car but Adam is driving us to the hospital to get help for her. Do you think you could get a ride from one of Adam’s parents?” I ask the last question and for a lifetime disguised as a second he doesn’t reply, he only thinks of the possibilities. I’m guessing he is thinking about them maybe as much as I kept guessing all the different meanings irregular could hold.
“Yes of course. What’s going on?” he asks before Adam’s breaks kick in, lurching us all forward in our seats.
“We are at the hospital right now; I’ll see you when you get here ok?” I say this quick, and hang up the phone before I reach for my mom to help her out of the car. She stumbles slightly and slouches with a noticeable pain. Adam parks the truck and goes inside, running for help. While he’s gone we make it maybe ten feet closer to the hospital doors. Three people rush out of the door with a wheelchair, following Adam. He points to us and they jog over.
“Thank you, we will take it from here.” One doctor with salt and pepper hair says and he sits my mother down in the wheel chair. The other two go alongside her, holding her hands and reassuring her. A little part of me feels hurt, that’s my job they’re doing. When they finally leave Adam and I sit in the waiting room, I want to crumble. I don’t know what to feel at this point. Should I be happy because I might be getting my baby brother and or sister after all? Or should I be upset because what if it isn’t that and something is seriously wrong?
Just as I’m staring at the door that has closed with my mom and the doctors on the other side of it, Adam wraps his fingers around mine, looping our fingers over one another.
He turns me to look at him, and his eyes make me want to cry. I wish (if we do get married and have babies) that they get his beautiful eyes, or at least that silk soft black hair. A warm tear takes place on my lashes and Adam takes the pad of his thumb and brushes it away. Then, he hugs me. His arms are tight around my neck like mine are around his waist. We just stand there for a moment, and that’s when my dad walked into the hospital.


Have you ever had a butt cramp? NO? Well, you are a very lucky person then! If you have then you know that it usually comes from hard uncomfortable chairs that you have to sit on for long periods of time. It strains your ‘muscles’ and hurts like hell. Ha! It is literally a pain in the a**!!!
That’s what I have at the moment, a huge butt cramp, and it hurts. I have been sitting here for about two hours. You know what hurts more then butt cramps though? Not knowing what is going on, yes that hurts a lot worse. That is why I am terribly thankful the doctor took away my not knowing and came out to explain to Adam and I what was going on.

“There has been a misunderstanding.” The doctor said, reading off of his clipboard with a look of disgust on his face. When I heard his voice I was happy it didn’t sound anything like the voice message from the other doctor on my phone. “Your mother did have a miscarriage, I’m sad to say.” His voice doesn’t show sadness, but does state the facts clearly which seems different then if he were to just not care at all.
“So what’s going on then?” I asked, my voice hoarse from not speaking for three hours (making that a whopping five hours we have been here total!).
“She had a miscarriage, of two babies.” His words smack me in the face, making a smile appear. I feel weird smiling though, because she had a miscarriage still. “Dr. Tolbert didn’t see the one baby because the womb had expanded so that three would be able to be held, so in her defense it would be a little hard to see.” He says, flipping the paper work over.
“So does this mean she’s still having the one baby?” Adam asks, and I was happy to hear joy come into his voice. The doctor nods and finally looks us in the eyes. I notice the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes and along his mouth.
“Yes, she is having the baby.” He says, and then he shook my hand warmly.
“Congratulations, you are going to be a big sister.” Is what he said before he walked away to go back to aid my mother.

So, my mom IS in fact having the baby. I do know what’s going on (FINALLY). A butt cramp still hurts, but I am happy to have it if it means I get to be a big sister, and our fingers still intertwined, Adam leans over lips to my ear and whispers (not caring if my dad is there).
“So are you excited to get a baby alien?” and I laugh and have a one word, simple reply.

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