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Blue for the sky that you spoke to me under for the very first time. Blue for being confused about the expressions and words and dissecting every little sound that popped out of your mouth .Blue for the way your freakishly clear cerulean eyes sparkled as you nervously asked me~ would you like to go …somewhere? Sometime? With me? And blue for the ocean that you took me to, and even though it was the same ocean I’d seen since I was little, it danced and laughed and when you kissed me, the waves carried all the beauty and perfection there was to be had in the world on their shoulders. That’s how magical it was.

Green for the fresh daisies and the beautiful chance of US that you brought me. Green for the grass and the heady scent of your cologne as we lied under the stars at night, remembering the yesterday and dreading the tomorrow. Green for those unfortunate times when I watched girls salivate over you and when it was hard convincing myself that you picked me. And green for all the hazy days of summer where we could sit on swing on my porch without speaking because that’s all that needed to be said.

Orange for the rhythm that we settled in, and how you promised me the world when all I wanted was to be held. Orange for working in the local peach orchard, so large that it made my mouth drop far to the ground where you had to pick it back up with a gentle kiss. Orange for flames of the campfire that singed your eyebrows when you got too close, and I how I teased you that your handsome face was ruined. Orange for the flames when they died, unlike your love for me, you declared. I love orange.

Violet for the harder days, when you weren’t there to comfort me at all. Violet for the moment when you told me you needed time, only time. Violet for the awful realization that instead of heartbreak inside of me, there was liberation, and violet for the heartbreak of liberation. Violet for the days I wondered if you missed me at all, watching you laugh with your friends on the soccer field, when me and my girlfriends went to Heidi’s Country Diner to gain weight and mope about our stupid boyfriends. Except I never thought you were stupid. I just thought you were human.

Yellow for the sundress I was wearing when you told me that you had indeed missed me and that you had been a complete and total idiot to let me out of your grasp for even a millisecond. Yellow for the mood I was in that when you told me those few, simple words. I had never been so happy to hear you insult yourself. Yellow for the quiet, nearly inaudible click, as we fit back together like the last missing piece of the hundred piece puzzle you gave me for my birthday. Yellow for just simple happiness.

Red for the times I couldn’t get past your over protectiveness, or how you would storm off when things got bad at your house, and not think to call me. Red for the moments I questioned that sound of reconciliation, and that maybe it was just inside my head. Red for the moment right after these moments I realized I was crazy to even consider the thought. Red for the embarrassment of realization. Red for when you called me and the sound of your voice brought the realization under a microscope. Red for saying sorry.

White for finally figuring out that you were my knight in shining armor. White for that little heart necklace that you presented me with for Christmas, and how I said~ I don’t need this to know that you love me. I know, more than I know anything else. White for the tears that were in your eyes when I whispered this truth to you. White for the precious words you sighed into my ear on that beach that I will always remember on our first date. White for the sand blowing across the shore as I said I do. White for happily ever after. White for ~I love you.

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