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Cleat Chaser

You're beautiful. When you laugh and your perfect teeth show through your smile, I melt inside. When you and your friends slap each other's butts, I know that you are not gay. I secretly wish that were me. When you get frustrated, I swear you are the cutest guy that I have ever seen. I want to go and hug you, but I am just another spectator in the crowd at the game.

I'm just another Cleat Chaser that loves baseball guys, but I swear that you are different. You are two years older than me and I know it will never work out. You don't even know that I exist. Well actually, I'm sure that you read my name on the Facebook request and Twitter follow. You also probably know that I am you teammate's little sister. That is all that you will ever know me as, "The 'little' girl who comes to my games". I know everything about you, though.

I know the way your eyes light up and your lips curve slightly when you're amused. I know about the respectful way you thank your teammate's parents when they tell you that you played well. I know that you have 684 tweets and I have read every one. I also know that you have a beautiful girlfriend that isn't me.

She is two years older than you and looks like Megan Fox. She had a 4.0 when she graduated this year. Yes, she GRADUATED and yes, I am a freshman. She is an amazing volleyball player and is going to a big university for it (I know that because you tweeted about how proud you were of her).

Did you know that you and your team should really start changing INSIDE the dugout after games. Well your team should, not you. I love how you take your jersey shirt first and put on your Volcom tank top last. I love every one of your 6 pack abs. You take off your hat and run your fingers through your curly hair that looks as if it has been professionally curled, but you just wake up like that. You untie and pull of your cleats. Then, after sliding your shirt over your head, you take off your baseball pants and switch them for cargo shorts. You trade your baseball socks for Nike Elites. Then you put on your vibrantly red Vans and top everything off with that teal tank top. The tank top that makes your blue eyes pop and the muscles in your arms and back stand out.

I'm a Cleat Chaser who thinks that baseball guys are always attractive, but you are so much more! You are my dream guy. Any man similar to you I would seal the deal, but I've never met anyone that great.

I am a Cleat Chaser and in love, not a stalker. Oh, make that 685 tweets! "I can't believe she cheated on me, it's over "I'mReadyForSomeoneNew."

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