June 29, 2012
By RoxyRay SILVER, St.louis, Missouri
RoxyRay SILVER, St.louis, Missouri
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When i was a little girl my mom left me on shore in a basket.I was practically born in the ocean.As a matter of fact the ocean is my home.I was found and i was taken care of.Know i live with a family in Florida.I go to the beach almost all the time.When i do i have to be extremely careful because my name is Serena and i am a mermaid.
Present day:
I walked down the shore leaving footprints behind.I always wanted to know what it would be like to meet my mom but i tried to keep that of my mind because Today in my town of Mermaidia under the sea i was to meet Tod,Tod is my best friend.Sometimes i wonder if we are more than that. I kicked a pebble out of the way.I looked from side to side because if i was to be seen i would end up locked in some laboratory or something.I leaped into the water feeling as free as ever.I could see the big golden gates that lead straight into Mermaidia. I pumped my tail and shot in . As usual everyone was swimming into small shops and talking to fish. I found the fountain of "gold water" were Tod was supposed to be. I sat on the edge and waited,waited so long and Tod never came.I swam towards a Merphone.I dialed his number and someone picked up."yes?"
the voice said.
"May i speak with Tod?"I asked politely.
"Tod is gone"the voice whispered.
"he went out to meet a young girl, she wasn't there so he came back and the Guards were here.They were looking for a Merman to work in the castle,He-He was chosen,"
She swallowed and then coughed.
"that young girl-that was me i was there waiting for him I'm here now!"I yelled.
the women hung up.
I slammed the Merphone down and swam into the Sea-Hall.
I slammed my fist on the counter,"I want to work for the castle!"
the merman jumped in shock.
"Um well the king and queen pick who works for them,"He said hesitantly.
"No but i have too volunteer!!! Tod is in that dreadful place!"
Every soul in thw room gasped.
Guards stood close, in mermaidia any insult or down saying against the king or queen is illegal.The guards swam toward me."come on you ,".
I had no reason not to.the king and queen is exactly were i wished to go.
In the castle:
I was in the castle and i was brung forward to the king and queen of Mermaidia.
"So insulting the throne are You!!!"shouted the king.
"now dear that is no way to treay such a young mermaid,Honey dear why is it that the castle is such a dreadful place???Is that what you called it?"The queen said softly.
I nodded and swallowed hard.
"i-i just really needed to see someone working here as a slave for you your highness,I-I love him very much,"I said.I actually do like him.i really did love Tod which was something so unexpected for me."well then who is the fellow?!"Ordered the king.
"Todd, Todd Withersnap.."I said in a soft voice.
"Oh well Tod is actually right there,"the queen pointed behind me.
I could see him standing there holding a trey of fruits to the jury team.
He looked at me in the most kindest of ways.
"Todd,"I whispered to my self.
He dropped the trey swimming right for me and i did the same.We both leaped into each other's arms.
then he kissed me softly.
"Serena,"Tod whispered
"Yes,"I replied
"I love you,"
the End <3

The author's comments:
True love is the most powerful thing if you think about it..

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