July 5, 2012
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The sun was high in the sky this afternoon. Staring up at the sky, seeing the bright, golden sun gleaming projecting rays of warm, sunlight; it was beautiful. The sky was like the lovely deep ocean, with waves of beautiful blue, vast and large. The birds soared high and low across the sky and land, singing a melody so peaceful and sweet, that it was like a lullaby. As I sat beneath the oak tree in the shade and against the cold bark, on the soft grass, I felt utterly calm.
“Hey,” I heard a soft voice from my right. It was Kian. I smiled and felt a warm sensation growing through my body.
“Hey,” I replied. He smiled that sweet smile of his and a slight blush came to his face.
“Do you mind if I sit?” he asked. I shook my head and patted the grass next to me. He sat down next to me, beneath the oak tree and stared up at the sky. I couldn’t help it. I turned, and found myself staring at him. He was absolutely mesmerising, he had the most soft, gentle looking grey-blue eyes behind a pair glasses. I loved his glasses. He had dark hair which was tousled and fell over his forehead and got in his eyes at times. No matter how messy, it always looked perfect. He was tall and lean; his body was basically mouth watering. Not that I’d seen or anything. I blushed at the thought. He wore a shirt today and a tie was around his neck loosely and he had black chinos on with converses. Then he looked at me. I blushed madly and looked away.
“It’s nice out here,” he commented, with a hint of a smile in his voice.
“Yes it is,” I replied. I, at the moment was having a battle in my head. I’d liked this guy since primary school and now we were 17, I still hadn’t told him. I really liked him. He was awkward and smart, kind, caring, unlike any of the other guys.
“So I heard what happened,” he said after a minute of silence. I looked at him questioningly.
“The rumour that’s going around,” he prompted. I groaned inwardly, you see there’s been a rumour about me and it’s that I like him, which is true but I didn’t want people knowing. Basically, it spread because someone found out, and told everyone. Whoever it was, is an absolute b****.
“Oh,” I said quietly and didn’t dare look at him. He said nothing for a while and neither did I.

“I don’t mind,” he said quietly. I felt my heart beat increase madly. I didn’t want to smile and get my hopes up. I just nodded and kept my eyes on a bee roaming around the flowers.

“Why?” I asked, in a small voice.

“I like you too,” he said, I looked at him quickly and saw him smile. I couldn’t say anything; no words would form in my mouth. My heart was beating twice as fast and no comprehensive thoughts came to my head.

“So, I really hope you don’t mind me doing this,” he whispered and leaned in. Instantly my eyes closed and within seconds his lips met mine. My burning fingertips trailed his cool and smooth skin. A tingling sensation swelled within my fingers, burning as they touched him as if they could make holes on his perfect skin. I felt an uncontrollable passion, growing inside me like a ferocious animal prancing on his prey. I wanted to touch every part of his skin, feel it beneath my fingertips, and feel the cool, smooth touch skin on my skin. It was unbearable and yet I wanted more. He towered over me, his body pressed against mine. Hot, heavy and sexy beneath the vast blue sky.
The air shimmered as the golden rays seeped far and aide from the radiant gleaming sun. No space. There was no space between our hot and tangled bodies, his hands roamed over my hips. I could feel his hands, aching to touch my burning skin. He gripped my hips. Hard. Then, pulled me against him. He pulled at the fabric of my top and allowed himself to touch the skin, he was dying to feel. My heart hammered in my chest. I moved my hands to his chest and kept them there. I wanted the warmth from him, to feel his beating heart beneath my hands. I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t want this to end. His kiss on my lips, his soft, warm lips moved hungrily against mine. Passionately and slowly they moved as if he wanted to taste me, and take in every taste from my sore, red lips. I felt a noise come up through my throat. It was undeniable. Moan. His tongue licked my lips urgently in a fight for satisfaction, I parted my lips.

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