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Love Story Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

We open the door to the diner and look around Atley turns to face me and says “Some kind of date. You could’ve taken me to Olive Garden. You know I like to be spoiled.” I whack her in the arm “Shut it you!” I tell her. The hostess comes and asks “Table for two?” before I can even reply Atley bursts out and says “Yes and booth please.” I turn to face her and give her the death glare she giggles and grabs my and we follow the hostess to our booth.

We sit down and the hostess leaves. Right when she leaves I turn to face Atley and say “You know I HATE booths!” I say and emphasize on hate. “Yeah I know, but that just makes me love them all the more.” “You’re such a butthole!” she laughs while kicking me under the table. “You really haven’t changed have you?” I ask while I laugh “Nope, I’m still the same old Atley you know and love!” She says with a smile. “Hmm… Yeah love. If that’s what you call it.” She kicks me once again.

“Ouch! You really need to stop doing that!” “But I don’t want to.” She whines. “Ugh… Do you know how annoying you can be?” I ask “Why, yes I do. But, it’s only because I’m cool like that.” She says with a grin on her face. Just when I was about to reply the waitress comes to our table and says “Hi, I’m Hannah and I’ll be your waitress this evening. What would you like to drink?” “Umm… two Pepsis and two waters please.” I reply.
“Kay, I’ll be right back.” She says while turning around and walking away. “So how’s life?” Atley asks. “Crappy, and you?” I answer with a smile on my face. “Okay, I guess. Why so crappy?” She asks with finally a serious look on her face. “Everything, Zach, school, family, and Jayden.” “Jayden Nevers?” “Yeah.” “Oh. Yeah I heard about that . So what happened? I heard he asked you out., you rejected him, then you gave him another chance. That’s all I heard.”

As I’m about to reply Hannah comes back with our drinks. When she sets them down she asks “Are you guys ready to order?” I look over at Atley and she nods and starts “Umm… I’ll have a cheeseburger, no tomatoes, no pickles, extra cheese, and fries on the side please.” She demands. “Umm… Okay and you?” Hannah says while writing down Atley’s order and turning to face me. “Umm… cheeseburger with extra pickles, no tomatoes, extra cheese, and fries on the side as well please.” Gotcha, I’ll be right back. She turns around and walks towards the kitchen.

“So tell me what happened with Jayden.” Atley says “Hmm… Where to start? Kay, well he asked me out, I said no, then he got all pissy with me and asked for another chance, and we went out.” I say and she quickly “So are you guys like a thing or something now?” “No, I mean I like him and all but I’m just not ready. You know because of Zach.” I reply in a sad tone “Oh yeah forgot about that. So is Jayden a good kisser?” She asks with a smirk on her face.

“Ha ha, yeah. Sort of.” I say with a huge smile on my face. “You know this how?” She says with a devilish look on her face. “Well umm… He sort of kind of kissed me. But can we please change the topic?” I ask hoping she’ll say yes. “Yeah of course. So are you going to prom?” “Yeah umm… No.” “Why not?” she says in a whiny tone.
“Because me and dancing aren’t a good match. Plus I don’t have a date.” “Well you can go with Jake and I. And you don’t have to dance if you don’t want to.” She says trying to convince me to go. “I don’t have a ticket or a dress.” I say hoping she will give up, but she doesn’t “ I’ll buy you a ticket and you can go with me tomorrow when I get my dress.” “Fine.” I say just to make her shut up. Just when I say that Hannah sets down our food.

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