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Love Story Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

I wake up and rub my eyes. Without thinking I roll over and fall off the bed. "OUCH!" I yell while I bump my head on the wooden floor.
I put my hands on my bed and pull myself up. I stand up and look over to my clock it reads "4:00" 'Did I really sleep that long?' I ask myself.
I open my door and walk down the stairs. I look around and notice that Mom and dad are still gone.

Without thinking I grab my ipod, slip on my shoes, and put my hoodie on. I look around and grab my phone. I open up the front door and
start jogging. Then I remember what happened earlier today it all came back to me. Jayden. Jayden. That is all I can think about now. Is him.
Why can't life ever be easy? Why can't it just go the way I want it to? If that was true then I would still have Zach in my arms and have Atley
beside me now. But nothing can ever be easy, can it?

I put my headphones and start jogging even faster. I turn my volume all the way up and just block out the world. I start to feel the sweat
running down my forehead. I take a left and I bump into someone. Someone I didn't expect to see. Atley. We just stare at eachother. No talking,
just staring. "Hi." I finally have the guts to say. "Hey" she says. I reply "Well..... Um... It was nice seeing you, but I got to go." I start to jog.

But she catches me by the arm and turns me around then says, "Geneva, I'm so sorry. I wish things didn't end the way they did. I really
miss the way things were before all this crap happened. I miss us. Nobody understands me the you did." I start to tear up. "Atley, I miss us
too. My life has been so crappy lately. I haven't cried so much in my life. I've really needed you lately. All I want to do is die."

She hugs me and says "Don't say that. I need you. You are my bestfriend and no one can replace you. I just need things to be the way
they used to be." I start to tear up even more as she says this. I just grip her tighter in the hug and I can hear her crying. I let go and wipe
away mt tears and say "Kay stop making me cry! I've cried enough. Now i am starving to death. How 'bout I buy you a burger?" I say while
shes smiles. "Are you asking me out, Geneva? I mean I'm flatter and all but you're not my type." She says and we both giggle.

"Why, yes I am. And it would be very rude to reject me!" She moans and says "Ugghhhh........ Fine, but I except a milkshake." She says
with a smile. "Now that's the Atley that I know, love, and miss." We hug each other and lock our arms together and head down to the diner.

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