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Every second I'm away from you it drives me into a deeper pit of insanity. And the further I go, the more it makes since. This pit takes me farther from you, every inch is like another nail being driven through my heart. I try to rip them out, but stop, knowing that at the same time, it's the only thing holding me together.

When i see you...hear you...even when i think of you, i smile with joy, just to keep from bursting into tears. I bleed just thinking of you, and every time i see you my heart shatters over and over again every time I see you. So why do i try, why not let go? If only i could...i would surely let go. But like those nails, it's the only thing holding me together, the only thing keeping me from shattering, burning to ashes and letting the wind take me away.

No amount of pain killers will take me away the pain of loving you, missing you, wanting...waiting...hopelessly hoping for a miracle.

If only dreams came true, if only miracles happened. I would never ask for another thing in my life...cause’ I'd have you.

So for as long as my heart beats, and billions after...

The three words that everyone takes for granted, and i will never begin to explain: I love you.

With every beautiful flower from every garden in existence, with every heart from everyone madly in love (but never as madly as me), i hold you with me forever...what you choose is yours just know that a piece of me will always be lost...wanting...wishing...hoping, for that little thing we call a miracle.

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