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A Moment in a Bookstore

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I'm halfheartedly browsing through the plethora of Pride & Prejudice spin-off novels when you appear at the end of the aisle.
"Darcy's Passions," you read aloud over my shoulder, "sounds steamy."
I pick up the book in question and flip it over.
"Sounds awesome," I correct you.
"Of course."
I slide the book back into its place on the shelf and run my fingers across the spines of a dozen others next to it.
"As I recall, this is where we first met," you say casually.
"You were drawn to the fact that I was holding Catcher in the Rye, before you discovered that I wasn't holding it because I liked it."
"You were looking at it because you hated it, which just makes perfect sense."
"It had been a while since I had read it. I was just looking."
"But you still don't like it."
"Not a bit."
"Well I'm glad I could get past that," you say with a smirk. "You were intriguing."
"You were charming."
"Don't worry, nothing has changed," I reply, a bit patronizingly, and I kiss him on the cheek. "You know, I almost went to a movie that night instead."
"Thank god you didn't."
You take my hand and pull me to you gently, kissing me. I rest my hands lightly on your hips, two of my fingers slipping under the hem of your sky blue t-shirt.
I can feel you smiling into the kiss, and I lean into you, deepening the kiss.
Everything is quiet, with the exception of Norah Jones playing faintly in the background.
My thumb slides over the angle of your hipbone and I don't even care or even really notice that we are in a public place. Everything about you is soft and inviting. After a few moments, you pull away.
"I like you even more than I like the smell of old books," you say quietly, grinning at me.
"I like you more than I like Kurt Vonnegut," I reply.
"Clearly, we were made for each other."
A strand of your messy brown hair has fallen into your eyes, so I reach up and sweep it to the side.
I kiss you once more, for good measure.
"Clearly," I agree.

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