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“Stop it!” I laughed. My continuous giggles seeming to be uncontrollable.
“Stop what?” He chuckled, slowly reaching to the sides of my body to tickle me.
“Stop tickling me!” I smiled, pulling his hands away. But the truth was, I loved the feeling of his hands around my waist so I didn’t mind if he did. He smiled and reached out again; like he didn’t hear a word I said.
“Stop, seriously!” I laughed running away. But he wouldn’t let me get away that easily.
He smiled and chased after me. I couldn’t help but let out a girly shriek as he wrapped his strong arms around me, and swung me around and around the warm summer’s air, before putting me back on my two feet, and a soft kiss on my neck. I was still a bit dizzy, so I collapsed in the grass and waited for him to lie beside me to look up at the clouds. I always try to find shapes in the white puffy things. The sky was blue behind the clouds of white, and the sun blinded me, so I shaded my eyes with my left arm; my blue eyes studying the sky; with my blonde hair lying sprawled out behind me in the dark green grass. He cracked a smile and lied down in the grass next to me; grabbing my right hand and lacing his figures in mine; giving it a tight squeeze.
“Look! It looks like a duck!” I giggled, pointing up at the cloud that looked close to nothing like a duck. He laughed.
“Yeah I guess, the one to the right looks like a dragon!” He said, pointing up at the sky to the cloud that looked pretty similar to a dragon.
We were lying right in the middle of a park. Not just any park, the park we used to always go to as kids. The old, rusty swing set between two old dying trees still remained, along with a play set which involved two slides, monkey bars, and a pretend steering wheel. I can remember it like it was just yesterday.
“Lyrith! Look out ahead! There’s a giant sea monster!”Little six years old Connor shrieked, pointing ahead to nothing but a bunch of trees. I cupped my hands over my eyes and peered out over the grass which was to my imagination; the sea. I looked back at him, with a look of panic in my ice blue eyes.
“Oh no! Quick! Get the cannon ready!” I yelled, rushing to our pile of rocks at the foot of the slide.
He adjusted his paper hat on his dark brown hair, and picked up a few rocks.
“I’ll kill it Lyrith! It’s ok I’ll protect you!” He assured me, his dark brown eyes looking lovingly into mine. Just as we’ve seen done in the movies we’ve watched.
“I’ll send out the underwater bombs!” I yelled, sliding the rocks down the slide, while he threw the rocks way out in the grass, making his own sound effects.
“He ate my bombs!” I shrieked.
“That can’t be healthy!” He yelled.
“What are we going to do?” I said, with a lost look in my eyes.
“I’ll have to kill it myself,” He said bravely, grabbing the stick, which was to him a sword, wedged between the top of the two slides.
“No! Connor, it’s too dangerous!” I yelled, grabbing onto his rusty orange shirt.
“What other choice do I have? We’ll die if we stay! And, I can’t do that to you!” He said, sitting down on the slide.
“Be careful,” I whispered in his ear.
“I will,” he assured me.
He then did what I never expected he’d ever do. He cupped my face in my hands, and kissed me. I pulled back in alarm. I was shocked, confused, and embarrassed. His face went red as he smiled, and slid down the slide; his hat fell as he went.
He screamed as he ran after the sea monster.
“You can’t kill it without my help Captain!” I yelled, pulling our boat closer to the monster. I got my stick ready, which was my spear, and threw it at the monster while Connor was sword fighting with it.
“You did it!” He yelled, beaming up at me.
He rushed up the steps, and wrapped his arms around me in a warm hug.
“We’re saved!” He yelled, and kisses my cheek. I responded, by pulling him into a kiss. It was his turn to be shocked. He smiled and ran up to the wheel while I grabbed his hat off the side.
“Come on Lyrith, we pirates have to find land!” He yelled, smiling back at me.
As we lay in the grass, looking up at the clouds, I thought about back then; the monster and the love that we created at such a young age. How I am now, and always have been in crazy in love with him.
“Lyrith?” Connor asked, looking over at me. I realized I hadn’t said a thing for about ten minutes.
“Sorry,” I said kissing him.
“It’s ok,” He said smiling, then got up. He looked down at me, grabbed my hands, and helped me up. He laced his fingers back in mine and pulled me over to the swings. He sat me down and began to push me; just as he had done when we were kids. Oh how I remember it.
“Higher!” I yelled, looking back at him. My little hands clutching the chains; my blonde hair flying behind me; my body reaching for the sky.
“Ok, but I don’t want to push you too high, what if this thing breaks?” Connor asked with a worried look on his face.
“Oh I’ll be fine!” I assured him. He smiled and did an underdog. He fell forward and looked back up at me; so high up on the swing; laughing as my hair swung back and forth opposite the swing. He laid there and watched as I swung myself; pumping my legs, then eventually scraping my sandals against the ground, stopping myself, and ran over to him. My blue dress flying behind me as I ran to him; with a beautiful smile on my face; as Connor says it is.
Now, that we are older, and in our teens, and Connor pushing me on the swings, it reminds me of then. I smile, as I felt his hands grab the chains, pull back, and then release. He then began to push lightly on my back every time the swing came back to him. The trees on either side creaked with the swing, but showed no other signs of breaking. I couldn’t help but giggle after awhile; once I was up high on the swing. I looked back at him, and noticed he was smiling; as if he was reliving the memory as well. He then after awhile, grabbed the chains to stop me, but had trouble with it and ended up hanging on the swing. I laughed in amusement, and kissed him. A long romantic kiss; one you really remember. He slowly pulled back, and kissed my forehead. Then, he grabbed my hand and we walked away; just as we’d done when we were kids.

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holyblondecheerleaderbatman said...
Feb. 18, 2012 at 4:14 pm
that never happened ....... Lyrith, What in the world kinda name is that the story is good but what in the world ....... i dont really like the name in fact i kind of want to tare me eyes out for ever seeing such an ugly name
hanna_banana replied...
Feb. 20, 2012 at 1:31 pm
No, the begining happened.... the very begining. And I like that name...:/
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