February 2, 2012
He is smiling at me. His hair is golden and his eyes are as blue-green as the chlorine-permeated pool that we swim in after school each weekday. And he is smiling at me. We’ve been friends for years and he has smiled at me thousands of times, but nothing like this. He is smiling at me the way that I’ve been smiling at him since the day that I met him in our math class. His teeth are a repugnant shade of off-white and are a tad crooked, but I still find it adorable. In that seemingly insignificant gesture, I feel every memory of us together flooding back into my mind. I am willingly drowning in that chlorine pool. I can see the sharp blades of sunlight cut through the water. Perfect spherical bubbles hover around me. A cool, clear, comforting oasis. I’m submerged. No, I’m just disoriented in his eyes, so I smile. His grin amplifies and the tips of his eyelids fall around his blue-green eyes that hypnotize me.


She is smiling at me. I don’t know what it is about her, but I’m suddenly drawn in. This smile isn’t new; I’ve seen it since I met her. She was laughing when I first noticed her in math class. She wore her black hair in a braid to her left shoulder. She does that a lot. I like it. She sits next to me in math, has every day for years. She always grins at me like she knows something that I don’t know. I want to know now. She’s really bright. Her dark brown eyes light up whenever she sees me, a math equation, or a swimming pool. She’s smiling now, that smile of knowledge and mystery. I don’t see a pool or a math equation around- I’m what she has her dark brown eyes set on. I don’t really mind. In fact, I’ve got mine on her. I’m going to smile back. My own smile of knowledge and mystery.

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