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Bullet Proof

I felt the push before I saw the ground rush up to meet my side.

I gasped as a pain rocked my body, sending electric shocks through every nerve in my right arm, which I had used to break my fall.

"Akin," I groaned in pain as I clenched my eyes shut, willing myself not to cry. "You idiot! Why did you do-"

A scream pierced the silence that had befallen the crowd and it was as if the spell had broken. My eyes flashing open, I glanced over to the side and screamed, ignoring the empty faces that were circling around me; none mattered to me as much as the black haired boy who lay cataleptic on the blood spattered tile.

"A-Akin," I screamed, grasping for his hand as he weakly spat blood into the air. "Wha-How did this happen?!"

A brunette slipped from behind a pillar and grinned viciously in my direction as I stared at her in horror, eying the silver gun in her hands with distaste. Jealousy had brewed an evil potion in her heart.

"Estelle," I whimpered as I dove to cover Akin's trembling form with my body. Anger coarsed through my veins as my eyes remained locked on the gun. "You did this," I screamed as I launched myself at her, my mind going blank.

The only thing I registered was that there was a smug look on Estelle's perfectly tanned face and I had to claw it off her skin.

I let out a desperate scream as my older brother, Jynx, lunged forward and wrapped his arms around my waist, stopping me from doing something I would not regret. Go away, Jynx. Let me seek my revenge! Spitting curse words and threats to everyone in sight, I glared viciously as the air was filled with Estelle's cold and empty laughter.

"Ah, what a mouth you have, Faybelle," Estelle purred maniacally as a triumphant gleam lit her electric blue eyes. "But those are just more of your empty threats. When you decide on revenge, you can look me up. Ciao."

I screamed in rage as she slipped past me, eying me scornfully. Like she had won this battle or something. I shrieked, my hands desperately clawing the air she had been only moments ago. I had to- I had to get her. I had to get revenge. For Akin. She hurt- God. She had shot Akin.

Point blank. In the chest. Three times.

I memorized it all.

"DAM.N YOU! I'LL F*IN KILL YOU," I screeched angrily as fat tears rained down my flushed cheeks and blurred my vision. I felt so weak. Tears? Why was I crying so much? What was wrong with me?

I collapsed into a teary heap beside Akin, who was barely clinging onto the last thread of life, as the sky grew dark and grey, threatening to pour down on us in an angry torrent. Glancing down, I could see him smiling up at me, like he actually had something to be happy about.

Stupid cheery bast.ard. Stop smiling at me. You just got shot in the chest three times and you might die in my arms. Stop smiling; you can’t die with a smile on your face.

That only made the tears come out harder. I held my breath and sobbed uncontrollably as Akin winced and writhed in his ever growing puddle of blood.

Idiot. Why won't you cry? I'm tired of being weak and crying for the both of us.

Wrapping my arms around him, I gently tugged him towards me, coddling his head gently against my heaving chest. "So-So much blood. I'm sorry. Dam.nit, I'm such a bad girlfriend," I sobbed as Akin smirked weakly and laid a trembling hand on my flushed cheek.

Stop trying to comfort me.

I shook my head and stared at him, my love burning brightly through my green eyes as I leaned forward and pecked his lips gently. It was sweet and innocent, like the first time I ever kissed those lips.

"This isn't how our love was supposed to be," I wailed, my blonde hair covering my tear- streaked face from Akin. "Dam.nit. This wasn't supposed to be some stupid Romeo and Juliet tragedy, Akin."

He smiled so innocently at me, and I felt my heart come crashing down and burning up like the London Bridge.
My god, Akin. How did you do this to me?

"What do you got- against Shakespeare," He coughed weakly and grinned up at me with that stupid, mischievous grin of his. I hated that grin so much. Yet I loved it even more. "Come on, Fay. I happen to find Romeo and Juliet the greatest love story of all times."

A grumble escaped my mouth unwillingly, which only caused Akin to smirk even wider. "Come on. What have you got against the classics," he whispered not-so-innocently, his warm breath hot against my cheeks, causing me to gasp in awe.

Why are you so blind to be things you do to me, Akin?


I froze as his heartbeat fluttered weakly under my quivering hand.

How much time do I have left? Do I have enough to say... Goodbye?

A frown decorated my face as a pathetic wheeze escaped from his mouth. Boy, if he wasn't hurt already, I would have pummeled him into the ground by now.

Stupid, disobeying, self sacrificing, wonderful Akin.

"Akin, Lord knows I love your stupid as.s, but shut up," I grumbled, staring at my blood covered hands blankly. "You're only making your injuries worse. And… If you think I'm going to let you die so easily, you thought wrong."

His big beautiful chocolate brown eyes bore into me and I sobbed at the sight of his life slowly draining away. He was fading, and all I could do was sit there, munch on some popcorn, and accept the fact that the best thing to happen to me was about to wither and die like an extinguished flame.

"Fay-belle… promise me you'll live on… Live on… for me. Promise me?
… Was he giving up already?

"No. S-Shut up. Stop talking like that! I-I can't, dam.nit! Without you, my will to live will just wither and die!"

"Fay? What do you mean?"

…. That. Idiot. I-Why is he always so blind?

I took a deep breath and scowled fiercely, my arms tightening around Akin as our eyes locked on. He wasn’t going anywhere. Not without me.

"Are you serious?! Do I have to spell it out for you in Alphabet Soup? YOU are my LIFE."

And he just smiled that smile of his, like he knew a secret that I would never know.


'Beloved Son, Cherished Friend, Treasured Lover.'

They forgot to put 'Precious Savior' on that white marble tombstone of his. They didn't even put the song I wrote for him on the tombstone.
Did they not know how long I worked on that? How many tears I cried over that piece of paper, torturing myself trying to finish it?

And now, I was left clutching onto that lone piece of paper, as if it were the anchor holding me down to this world.

My green eyes were furrowed in confusion as friends, relatives, those who came to pay Akin their final goodbyes, all looked up and stared at me, their beady eyes full of accusations.

Like it was me who pulled the trig.ger.

Like it was me who fired the gu.n at Akin.

I hiccuped and glanced down at Akin's final resting place. So many flowers overflowed his tombstone, so many letters written in his honor, yet I couldn't dedicate this ONE stupid poem to him?

Did these people forget that he was my boyfriend? That I was hurting too, much more than they were?

Groaning softly, I bent down to come face to face with the gravestone, a frown on my face. I could practically feel him around me, inside of my heart, his voice inside my head.

Dry your tears, Beautiful. I've always liked your smile better. It makes you- dare I say it?- alluring.

I could hear his twinkling laughter in my head, and my heart overflowed with love as I stared at the white marble tombstone, enjoying the feel of the wind ruffling my hair.

I winced at the sharp pain in my chest and stood up abruptly, ignoring the whispers coming from behind me. The poem in my hands slipped from my grasps and got carried away by a strong gust of wind, but I was too caught up in this torrent of emotions to care one bit.

It hurt.

Everything hurt.

Stupid Akin.

Stupid Estelle.

Stupid… Love.

Akin had ruined me. He ruined Love for me, all because he had to go and push me out of the way of a stupid bullet. Like he thought he was Bulletproof or something.

Stupid Life.

And stupid me, for giving my heart so easily.

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