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All I had to look forward to each Valentines Day was a broken heart and an empty chocolate box. Nobody was my Valentine, nobody loved me. Jerk after jerk stomped on my heart and left my heart to bleed out all over the wooden floor.

I buried my face deeper into my arm and tried to will the burning tears in my eyes to stop as my breath hitched in my throat. It just wasn't fair. I spent all my time with him, alienating myself from my friends to spend my free time with him, and for what?

A broken heart, that's what.

Stupid as.shole. He told me he loved me.

Thin and soft strands of caramel colored hair tickled my forehead, but I was too distraught to move it from my face. Like I really mattered if I looked like a wreck at the moment; I'd be spending my Valentine's Day alone anyways.


Something warm and clammy brushed against my right arm, raising an army of goosebumps to cover the length of my skin. Shivering, I hesitantly glanced up, my brow quirked.


The blond haired boy in front of me blushed; he was the kind of boy I had never paid attention to, the shy one who stuttered and chose writing poetry over playing football.

He was the kind of guy for me.

"I-uh." He flushed a bright pink before averting his candy apple green eyes down, as if the floor had suddenly becoming the center of his attention. I couldn't help but allow a small giggle to slip from my mouth. He was at least trying.

Finally, he sighed. "You know what?" His fiery gaze fell on me and I froze, my heart thumping painfully in my chest at the look in those eyes. "I'll let the candy speak for itself."

His pale hand unfurled slowly and, with an eagerness I did not show, I allowed my gaze to drift downwards to the little item tucked carefully in his grasp.

In his small looking hands was a simple pink heart-shaped candy. But it wasn't the candy that made my heart stop; it was the word engraved into its sugary surface.


So I did.

Maybe this Valentines Day would be different.

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