Why do i still care?

November 20, 2011
He came into my life and swept me off my feet. His charm, his physical appearance, his amazing personality. I never planned on falling in love, i never planned on caring so much. But i did. We were in love, but not only that we were best friends. Until we weren't. He left me, didn't even explain why. We didn't talk for months, then slowly, little comment in conversations with mutual friends would be said, occasional hellos, and then before i knew it i had my best friend back. The walla i had built up over the last months fell back down and i fell in love with him all over again. But his mom didn't like it. She told him to stop talking to me. She told him to leave me alone, she blocked my number on his phone. He did stop talking to me, he ignored me in the halls. Once again my heart was broken. My best friend said if he actually listened to his mom then he didn't care enough and that i deserved better, but i disagreed. She didn't know him the way i do...but sometimes i wonder if she's right. If he did what his mom told him, maybe he didn't care enough. He didn't even try. But why do i still care? He gave up...We no longer talk, i lost my very best friend. Yet, i still dream of him, still cry over him. Still care. Maybe one day, I'll get over him. But that day is no time soon. He's the only guy i have ever loved...

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