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In the Dark

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The light changes everything.
In the light of the day, we don’t speak. We walk past each other, strangers. Only the slightest smile or nod, too quick for anyone to catch, alludes to our past and our future, to the dark that punctuates the day.
In the light, others can see us. We hide ourselves from public view, masking ourselves in a carefully crafted façade. We show the world what we want it to see. As long as everyone else believes it, it can be true.
We have built a fragile world around us that teeters every day on the brink of destruction. Only through careful maintenance can we remain hidden behind the two-way mirror we have set between us and the world. And our mirrors don’t reflect the same image. When people look in yours, they see confidence and charisma, intellect and ease. When they look in mine, they see intelligence and ambition, uncertainty and apprehension.
The mirror is a wall.
We surround ourselves with people like us, people who make us feel secure and normal. Our social circles are like two spinning tops; occasionally they hit into one another, and for a moment they are in sync until they spin wildly in opposite directions.

But everything changes in the dark.
In the dark, no one can see us, so for the first time, we can truly see each other. The façade slips away, slowly at first but gradually gaining speed. We become alive away from the pressure of everyone else.
The dark allows the imagination to run wild, unhampered by the harsh realities of the light. In the dark we can dream, we can explore, we can be who we are instead of whom we pretend to be without fear of being judged by anyone.
In the dark, we are free.

I can’t speak to you in the light. Every time I try, the wall blocks my path, swallows my words and turns them into some socially acceptable drivel. The wall is made of seemingly incorrigible steel, topped with fluorescent lights that blind us to our true vision.
When you look at me in the light, I am nothing. But in the dark, you see me, and I see you.
When I lose the dark, will I lose you?

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kittyhawk This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 4, 2011 at 2:11 pm
"When I lose the dark, will I lose you?" lovely, lovely.  
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