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Always+Forever: Sky's Good-Bye

October 24, 2011
By Robsessed PLATINUM, McKinney, Texas
Robsessed PLATINUM, McKinney, Texas
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Dear Sam,

I'm writing to tell you good-bye. They say I need to finally get closure; I need to let you go. It's hard though because I loved you so much and I still do.

I know it's been awhile since everything happened, but I needed time. You asked me to write, but please try to understand the pain I've been going through. It just hurt too much to think about you, about us. Things were bad those first few months after you left me, but you don't need to worry about that... I'm doing better now.

Everything reminds me of you, of all the fun times we had together. Like just the other day my little brother asked me to read "Green Eggs and Ham" and it made me laugh because you used to get so angry when I called you "Sam I Am". And remember the time I threw you a surprise birthday party and told everyone to dress like Cat in the Hat; how you didn't talk to me for a week? I'm smiling now, just thinking about it. But then I remembered how you made me green eggs and ham for our 3rd anniversary and my heart breaks all over again.

I'm graduating college in a month. Da** it, Sam! I was supposed to be starting my life with you, not alone. Everything was planned. Why didn't you fight to stay with me, Sam? You gave up! Why? I just don't understand.


Sorry, that was a bit harsh. It just makes me so ANGRY sometimes.

But not at you Sam! I could never be angry with you, please know that. I know it was a decision you never thought you'd have to make. And in my head I know you made the right decision, but my heart is in a million tiny pieces and it doesn't understand anything.

I wish you would tell me everything is going to be alright, that I am going to be alright. But you're gone and you're never coming back.

This letter has to be my final good-bye Sam, it has to, or I'll never get my life on track and I know you don't want that for me.

After I finish reading this aloud, I'm going to tape the envelope to your headstone, so that you'll always know:

- I'll never forget you Sam.
- For as long as I live I won't ever forget you because the love we shared was true and pure; it was a forever love.
- You were my best friend, Sam.

- You ARE my soul-mate. So, save me a place next to you, wherever you are, because we WILL be together again.



The author's comments:
Had this forever and it was originally gonna be part of a letter writing series, but that never went anywhere. Re-reading it inspired a different concept. I don't have anything else written, but in my free time (and taking a full 15 hour course load doesn't leave room for much) I will try to get this new idea of a story about Sky (and Sam) out of my head and onto my computer.

Used gender neutral names and no gender pronouns on purpose.

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