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Everlasting Love

“Now class, quiet down please.” Mr. Jamison barked. A thick hand flew to his black, scratchy, over-grown beard.
“Turn in you homework and I will hand out the pop quiz.” The whole class groaned.
“Don’t be like that. I warned you all about it. It’s not like its some big surprise.” He said shuffled over to his desk and plopped down... I sighed and waited for the chairs to squeal and people to shuffle over to the counter.
I didn’t dare stand up; I would wait for almost everyone to sit down. There was no point in making myself the target for all the bullies. Although I always found myself in that position anyways. I guess I was just naturally was. Sadly enough I was getting use to it. Or so I like to tell myself.
I sighed and looked across the room; my heart leaped out of my chest then amplified its terrified beat in my ears.
Jason was looking at me. He was the most handsome boy I had ever seen. Every girl in the school wanted him, yet for some reason he always turned them down. They didn’t seem to notice, but there was something defiantly weird about him. He was always so mysterious, dark, hidden.
He smiled a crazily breath-taking smile, making my heart skip yet another beat.
I could only stare; it was like his eyes held mine and wouldn’t let them go. I tried to look away but found it impossible. I was mesmerized.
“Mrs. Franscite.” Mr. Jamison’s voice boomed. I jumped and finally pulled my eyes away. I was relived that he pulled me out of the weird trance and embarrassed beyond belief. I could feel my face growing redder than a beet.
The class giggled and most of the girls gave me the death stare. I sank down in my seat hoping to poof away.
“Go get your quiz. We don’t have all day. Tick tock.” He said in the most annoyed voice I’ve ever heard.
I stood my legs numb and shuffled over to the counter.
I didn’t make it far; before I could stop it, a foot reached out and slid into my foot.
The room around me spun and I didn’t even have time to throw my arms out in front of me. A warm rush spread through my face and jolted my jaw. I cringed but kept my face on the floor, letting the cool tiles cool off my hot cheek.
A million giggles erupted but were calmed down quickly by Mr. Jamison who belted, “Liza.” Liza stared up at him with her big, brown, innocent eyes.
“I didn’t do anything Mr. Jamison. She was just being clumsy, I swear.” She said in a soft angelic voice. I thought there was no way that it was believable, but obviously I was wrong.
Mr. Jamison rubbed his beard and smiled. “It’s fine. Just help her get up alright?”
He said almost as softly as she did.

As soon as he had his back turned she sneered down at me. “Get up bi***” she said nudging me with the tip of her high heal.
I quickly stood up and brushed myself off, and grabbed my papers. As I walked by her desk she shoved a note into my binder. Then shooed me away, with a flip of her nicely groomed hand.
I groaned but returned to my desk with pop quiz in hand.
Once I was done I opened my binder, checking to see if anyone was watching.
But what did I care if I was caught; the teacher would most likely read it and ask me who it was from.
I knew deep down that I would be the only one to get in trouble though.
I looked round the room, satisfied no one was paying attention. I was almost done scanning over everyone when my eyes stopped on Jason.
My heart dropped and I could hear it shatter. He wasn’t even looking at me, and I very well doubted that he even cared what had just happened to me.
He was probably just laughing too.
As if he sensed that someone was staring, he looked up, catching my eyes. His beautiful clouded blue eyes twinkled in the light. My breath caught and I looked down quickly, happy I didn’t get mesmerized by his eyes again.
I unfolded the note and read it, instantly regretting it.
It read: Stay away from Jason. He’s not yours, he never will be. Trust me, it’s best for everyone. This is your only warning. Step off, or things are going to get ugly.
I crinkled it up and shoved it back into my binder.
This made Mr. Jamison look up and scowl at me. He put his finger over his lips and shushed me.
I refrained from sticking my tongue out at him like a 5 year old and put my head down.
Thoughts flooded through my head and emotion built up inside me, threatening to explode any second.
Tears welled up in my eyes, but unlike I normally did, I didn’t hold them in. I let them flow out in thick streams making a puddle under my crossed arms.
I must have dozed off for at least 10 minutes, because I woke up abruptly to the shrill cry of the bell. Releasing us from yet another day of the well disciplined prison.
I packed up my stuff quickly, wiping all the reminisce of tears from my eyes. I was shocked to see Jason still here. He leaned against the far wall by the door, staring at me with his intense blue eyes.
His backpack hung in his hand. His thumb of his other hand through his belt loop.
I admired how picture perfect he looked. It was a scene from a movie. I rubbed my eyes and looked back over to the door.
He still stood there, this time even more handsome.
I finished packing my stuff and threw my backpack over my shoulder, and headed out the door.
I went through the door my arm brushing lightly against his. Suddenly a tingle of hot shot through my arm and I yelped out.
He was by my side in a split second. “Are you alright?” he asked in a sweet voice. I was distrusting, but at the same time trusted him more than ever.
“Yea, I’m alright.” I said still not sure. I looked up at him with what I assumed was a confused, crooked smile.
“Listen. Can” I never expected him to be nervous talking to me. To talk to me in general was a shock beyond recognition.
I tried to speak, but my throat swelled up and the butterflies grew metal wings, stabbing at the inside of my stomach as they flew around frantically.
“Y-You want t-to t-talk to m-m-m-me.” I stuttered like an idiot.
“Yea.” He said causally letting that seductive smile spread across his face.
He swooped up my heavy, book-filled bag, and threw it over his other shoulder, as if it weighed as much as a feather. Then reached out and grabbed my hand. I let him pull me up and looked around, hoping that no one saw that. To my luck the halls were completely empty, other than a few janitors and a few stragglers. No one seemed to notice though.
“You have a ride?” He asked as he held the door open for me. I smiled my thanks not able to form an intelligent sentence yet.
“I-I usually just walk.” I said looking down at my feet.
“How about I give you a ride.” He said casually taking the lead.
I wasn't so sure, but I decide to stay quiet and not sound like an idiot.
We got to his car, which was an old, black pick up truck.
“Hop in.” he said almost sounding unsure.
My feet stayed planted still, refusing to move an inch off the ground.
“What? It’s not like I’m going to abduct you or nothin.” he laughed but let it quickly fade.
For some reason or another I fully trusted this boy. I walked to the other side of the truck and hopped in. Not as gracefully as I hoped. Once I had awkwardly climbed in I settled in and listened to the engine roar to life. He put our bags in the back and hopped in; very gracefully I couldn’t help but notice.
We pulled out of the parking lot and pulled onto the street without any notice. I let out the breath I had been consciously been holding in as we crawled onto the highway in mid evening traffic.
He sank back into the worn seat as we sat in the traffic and waited.
“So…” he said trying to breaking the awkwardness between us. This made it even more awkward.
I looked over at him and met those eyes. They were so intense they seemed to burn a hole in my face. Especially from up close.
“Yes?” I said calmer than I knew I could be.
He let out a breath that didn’t sound so sure. He was being careful what he was going to say. Careful not to push it too far. Which didn’t help me; it just made me like him even more.
“I saw what that girl...” he trailed off breaking the eye contact.

“Don’t feel bad. If that’s what your trying to say.”
He looked over at me again, and our eyes locked.
“I do though. It’s awful. It’s even worse that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.
A smile spread across my face and a crooked one on his. “What?” he said curiously.
I just kept grinning.
“I know. But you can’t do that. I can’t let you get in trouble. Don’t sink down to their level.” He said reading my mind.
Wait…did he just completely read my mind. Or was I just that obvious?
The traffic moved a few feet then came to a stop again. It was starting to get dark and my parents would be freaking out. I should have been home by now. How was I going to explain that I got a ride from a guy?
I didn’t want to think about it right now, so I pushed it to the back of my mind and looked at him again.
He was staring at me again.
“Why are you doing that?” I asked.
He smiled and I knew I didn’t need to explain.
“You…I just.” He looked out the window shyly, then back on the road.
“What.” I said catching his stare again.
Now we were moving and after 30 minutes of sitting in straight traffic in the silence I was so use to, but now couldn’t bare, we were on our way again.
By now it was fully dark out and the only light was his headlights and the dim lights that lined the streets and filled the houses. About 10 minutes later we turned onto my street.
I pointed out my house and we continued on our way.
Only about a block from my house he slowed down. I didn’t question but was ready to hop out and run screaming just in case.
“Look.” He said again this time more straight forward than ever before.
“I-I like you…no I love you. I have from the beginning. I’ve just been too hidden to tell you, too afraid.” He scoffed but most of it caught in his throat.
We kept rolling toward my house but time felt like it slowed forever and we were traveling at a snails pace.
My heart caught in my throat and erupted into a million sharp pieces. Cutting my throat every time a word threatened to escape.
I finally recovered enough and breathed out. It was the only thing I could mange to do controllably at the time.
I looked around noticing we were stopped and spotted my house lurking ahead.
I looked over at him, he was smiling and we locked eyes.
“Y-You l- l” I couldn’t manage to force the word out of my mouth beyond my lips.
“Yes.’ He said breathlessly.
“From the very start. I always have. You’re the one, not any of those other girls. Only you.”
My heart pumped even harder and the butterflies flew frantically again. But this time the good way. They sheded their metal wings and softly tickled the inside of my stomach.

“I want to protect you from those girls. I want them to never hurt you again. But there’s only one way…” he said cautiously.
I knew exactly what he means and even though the thought worried me deeply, the thought of being bullied for the rest of high school was worse.
Then there was the thought of knowing he loved me, but us never being anything.
Before I could say another word he leaned in close and I followed not protesting one bit.
I closed my eyes as our lips brushed.
He pushed his lips to mine and it felt as if I had melted.
My heart pumped faster than ever and I was afraid he’d hear it and laugh, but he just kept kissing me.
After about a minute, he pulled away. An immediate smile spreading across his face.
I felt a smile spread across mine and I was soon grinning like the idiot I am.
He put his hands over mine and we locked eyes again.
We stayed like that for a long time, but yet not long enough. It would never be long enough.
I grabbed my bag and he watched me climb out of the truck. I could have sworn I heard his heart break as we were torn apart.
I didn’t want to leave him, it was the last thing I wanted to do. But I was already in for it so I decided to not drag it out too long.
Before I shut the door I turned to him, and another brilliant smile spread across those soft lips of his.
“Yes.” I said still breathless from the kiss moments ago.
“I will go out with you.” He scooted over so he sat in my seat and kissed me on the lips briskly then on the forehead.
“You will never have to worry. I will protect you. I promise. Those girls won’t hurt you anymore. I love you.” He said and I believed it. Then he got back to his seat and I watched him drive away.
The only thought making it okay was that I would see him tomorrow. Even though it seemed so far away, it was defiantly worth the wait.
Once he was fully out of sight I turned on my heel to face the house.
Not even once thinking how I was going to explain this to my parents. I skipped to the door and welcomed myself inside.

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