The Circle Game: Kaitlyn

August 24, 2011
By HLFelix GOLD, Teaneck, New Jersey
HLFelix GOLD, Teaneck, New Jersey
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An honorary game played generation after generation since the beginning of time. It breeds love and discord, happiness and sadness. It fuels the fires of hope and passion along side the burning holes of hatred and despair.

This is the Circle Game.

You would never think walking away from school would be as heart-wrenching an action as one would think, but nevertheless it was. I could feel my heart pounding an aching beat as I left the school, the corner of my eye locked on the scene behind me.

Here I was leaving school, and with each step I took, I was walking further and further away from him. I watched him from the corner of my eye until it hurt to look that way any longer.

He looked gorgeous in his black and green track team jacket, one hand in the pocket of his Levi’s jeans, the other holding onto the backpack slung over his shoulder. His golden hair was being swept around by the autumn breeze, teasing the locks into motion. His brown eyes sparkled and his smile was infectious and glowing. The freckles on his face, more prominent now with his remaining summer tan, made him look even more adorable.


My heart sighed his name as I left the school premises. I could just barely see him now.

Why did I have to live so far away from him? Why couldn’t he have been the one walking home with me everyday? Instead of Joey…

I knew it was irrational to mourn, especially since I would see him again tomorrow in school. We were in several classes together, and lab partners in science, to boot. So I knew I would always get the chance to talk to him the next day. And look at his perfect face.

But still…

Seeing his smiling face fade from view made me want to cry.

And what made me want to scream was that Alyssa was in the place that I would rather be.

My good friend Alyssa lived down the block from Dylan in the opposite direction of my home. The two of them walked to and from school everyday together. How I desperately wished it were me walking those three amazing blocks with him. I could cheerfully murder Alyssa for it.

But I knew Alyssa didn’t like Dylan like that. They were just friends. She’d sworn that to me when I had confessed to her of my liking Dylan at the very beginning of this year. She’d seemed genuinely happy for my liking Dylan. But still I couldn’t help but feel jealous of her position.

“So what are your plans for the weekend?” Joey’s question penetrated my thoughts.

Joey and I had been down-the-block neighbors for forever, so naturally we were friends and always walked home together.
I shrugged. “Oh nothing really. Probably some studying. Hang out at home.”
That would really translate to me spending hours dreaming endlessly about Dylan.

“Oh,” was the sighed answer.

Joey was a real nice guy, the best guy-friend a girl could have. And it was nice walking with him, calming almost. But walking home with him only reminded me painfully of who I could be walking home with.

I wanted to lament my sorrow of my parents choosing this house and not one on the other side of town, but I felt duty bound to ask Joey the question he had asked me. “What are your plans for the weekend?”

Not that I really cared much. And besides the weekend was three days away.

“Well, the guys and I were thinking of throwing an impromptu show. I was wondering if you would be interested in coming.”

I bit back a smile. “Isn’t the point of an impromptu gathering that it’s not really planned ahead?”

Joey was the lead singer and guitarist in a band with three other guys, called The Heathens. They practiced in Joey’s family’s garage, often with the garage door open, so I often heard them practicing. They were actually pretty good.

“Well…yeah…” Joey had to admit. I laughed. “But it’ll be kind of embarrassing if we tell people on Saturday and they can’t come, ‘cause then we’d have to cancel.”

“That would be embarrassing,” I gave him.

“So…will you come?” Joey asked again, his green eyes hopeful.

What could I say to that? No? Joey was my friend. I owed him my support.

“Sure. What the heck.”

Joey grinned hugely. “Great.”

I chuckled at his happiness. It was really so easy to make him happy.

We were at my house. So I turned to Joey to say goodbye.

“So I’ll see you on Saturday.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Yeah…but unless you’re planning on not coming to school for the next three days, I’ll see you tomorrow, also.”

Joey blushed a little. “Well, yeah. Of course you’ll see me tomorrow.”

I shook my head and waved goodbye to him. He was being silly, as usual.

“See you tomorrow Kaitlyn.”

I waved a hand at him to acknowledge that I’d heard. I walked up the porch steps and entered my house. It was quiet; my parents not home from work yet.

I went up to my room, my backpack slid off my back to my carpeted floor with a muted thump. I went and turned my laptop on. The screen brightened to reveal the picture that I spent hours just looking at.

It was a picture of the four of us: Dylan, Alyssa, me, and Joey. It was from the last day of school last year. I remembered that day. The sun was shining, beckoning us to summer fun and glory. The wind was tousling, making us laugh when Alyssa and I tried to get our hair out of our faces for the picture. Our arms wrapped around each other, in friendly camaraderie.

I also remembered why I had originally made the picture my screen. To remind me of my good friends and the fun we always had together.

But now…now I didn’t see the friends. I didn’t see the fun. All I saw was the perfectly lovely face of the guy I liked so much, but didn’t have the courage yet to tell him how I felt.


The author's comments:
The first quarter of The Circle Game. I hope you enjoy this part, as well as the others to come.

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