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The Boy from the Bookstore

It’s funny how love can happen. It can be surreptitious. It could be right in front of you. It can happen slowly and be dulcet. Or it can be abrupt and amorous. Love is one of Life’s great mysteries. Discovering love; however, is Life’s greatest joy….

Addie popped the van passenger door open and leapt into the pouring rain. Not even attempting to shield herself from the unceasing rain, she strode lazily towards the bright glowing Border’s sign. She watched with amusement as her diminutive Mom ran quickly and rather spastically to the safety of the store. Addie could feel her long curly brunette hair becoming drench but continued her calmly stroll to the store. She loved when it rained. It felt like Mother Nature was helping her out with all the stress of Teenage Life.

When she had finally reached the air conditioned, glass windowed mud room of Border’s, her Mom was gently shoving her into the store. “What about this one?” her Mom asked. In her hand was a copy of the Lightning Thief. “Mom, I read that in like sixth grade.” Addie said. Her family just didn’t get it. No one else read in her family, so going to book stores was like a chore to them. To Addie, it was like the relief a hypochondriac got from going to a doctor’s office.

She ignored her Mom’s constant suggestions. She submerged herself in the Young adult section and scanned the many titles for a perfect book. She scanned not because she didn’t want to find out what every book was about, but because if she didn’t hurry her family would get annoyed and leave the store. Addie would sometimes leave without a book. Addie made a rapid decision on a thick, hard back. Her mom bounded to the check out line.

“We need to pick up cat food,” said her mother as they exited the line. She began to beeline toward the stairs that led to the side entrance of Border’s. “Goodbye! See you tomorrow!” said a Blonde Taylor Swift look alike with false enthusiasm toward a tiny boy who was walking up the stairs. Addie asked her Mom, “What’s going on?” Her Mom answered “Writing Camp.” Oh how badly Addie wished she was there! As the mother and daughter pair weaved through the endless book shelf, tables after the tables set up for the writing camp. The tables were ready for at least fifty kids! There were only a few volunteers and a few campers waiting for their parents to pick them up. Addie studied the lively visages of the campers. In between the bookshelves, a comely boy studied Addie. Addie studied him. Addie kept walking and the boy began to abate. She suddenly felt the surprise smile fade from her rosy lips. The boy came back into view. His eyebrows were crinkled in worry, but as he met Addie’s dark brown eyes, he relaxed. An easy smile stretched across his inviting lips.

“Addie, let’s go.” Her Mom broke the trance the boy had cast on her. Realizing this would be the last she saw the boy, her blissful grin was instantly replaced with a frown. Her Mom pushed her along to the Pet Store next to Border’s.

Addie wandered restlessly in the aisles. She searched for the cats that were up for adoption. She stumble upon the displace cases. A woman was standing there admiring the cats. The woman turned and said,” I always have to come see them.” Addie smiled and agreed. She transfixed herself with an ashen Tabby.

A rumble of thunder reminded Addie that her Mom was waiting for her. She found her Mom waiting impatiently for her by the cashier. Addie smiled sheepishly.

Her Mom steered Addie back into Border’s side entrance. Addie’s heart leapt with glee. Through the doors, Addie saw that the tables were empty. Depression gripped her again. She walked without much thought to the door, blindly following her mother. Someone held the door open for her Mom and her Mom’s voice sang a brief “Thank you.” Addie walked through the opened door without looking up.

A strong, warm hand gripped her wrist. Addie’s head whipped up only to meet the green eyes of the dark, curly haired boy from the camp. Her spirits lifted and she beamed at the boy’s becoming face. Their cheeks brighten with a lively rosy glow. He’s smile mirrored hers. “Hi. My name’s John.”

Love can happen anywhere, even in a bookstore.

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DemonXxXchild903 said...
Jul. 8, 2011 at 1:17 pm
Thaks so much! I really appriecate the feedback!
Garnet77 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 7, 2011 at 8:38 pm
Aw, that's cute. Don't worry if it's cliche! I have some very cliche stories up on teenink. I'd love it if something like this happened to me; a bookstore is my favorite place to go to! And I'd love to be Addie's friend, seriously :) I love the way you started the story--it kind of tied the whole thing together. I think a little twist, like Zinaidia said, would give the romance more flare, though I agree about your vocabulary. Overall, this was very entertaining, and cute, and definitely brighte... (more »)
Zinaidia said...
Jul. 7, 2011 at 4:32 pm
Entertaining and amusing, the vocabulary is outstanding! You are a very good writer, but as you mentioned, it is cliche. Try to add a little twist in the story you know? But still, great job!
DemonXxXchild903 replied...
Jul. 8, 2011 at 1:18 pm
Thank you! I felt it was missing something and you point it out! lol thanks so much!
RFrocker23 said...
Jul. 7, 2011 at 4:31 pm
The vocabulary you used in this is refreshing, however in some parts it feels kind of awkward. If you switch up your sentence structure a little bit so that it isn't always subject-verb-object it would accomodate the word choices a lot better. Also try to use "Mom" and "Addie" less often and insert some pronouns to help it flow better. Overall this story was quirky and I think if you made some of these changes and got rid of the somewhat glaring spelling and grammar errors it will be very entert... (more »)
DemonXxXchild903 replied...
Jul. 8, 2011 at 1:18 pm
Ugh! I always get so excited when i finish a piece that i forget to proofread!!! Thanks for reading it!
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