June 15, 2011
By , Aquebogue, NY
The cool autumn breeze ruffles my hair, sending it flying across my forehead in random directions. Crunch, crunch, go my feet as I stomp through piles of leaves, crushing them mercilessly.
“Hey,” he says, coming up behind me and giving me a squeeze. “You okay?”
My cheeks blush furiously as I nod, hitching my backpack higher on my shoulders and ducking my head, so maybe he won’t see me. My turtle earrings sparkle in the afternoon sun as I keep walking.
“You sure?” Now he’s in front of me, arms crossed over his perfect chest, muscles gleaming. “Where’re you going?”
“Nowhere,” I reply. “Where are you going?”
He laughs, and I savor the sound, throaty and husky. “I followed you to give you back your pen,” he says. “But somehow I don’t think you live in the woods.” He holds out the pen I’d lent him earlier before, and our skin brushes as I take it, sending jolts of warm electricity throughout my body.
“No,” I say. “I don’t. I just like walking through here. It’s so peaceful.” I’ve stopped walking, and together we crane our necks and look up at the clear blue sky. Birds sing their happy songs, and I can’t help but smile at them, their complete isolation from the real world, where there’s homework and peer pressure and global warming.
“Yeah,” he says softly, jerking me back to the present. “It really is.”
“Yeah,” I agree, looking back down at him. His brooding intensity shocks me a little, calling another rush of blood to my cheeks. But as I duck my head to avoid his gaze, he throws his hand under my chin and cups it up, making me blush even more.
“Don’t,” he advises me. “Don’t hide your face. You’re beautiful.”
“No I’m not,” I mumble.
He just stares at me, not releasing my chin. “You’re my Juliet,” he whispers. “Am I your Romeo?”
“Yes,” I say softly, and he tilts his head as he leans in to close the distance between us.

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